3 Ice-Cream Truck Horror Stories Animated


Story 01: Strawberry Ice-cream
I started selling ice cream at the beginning of my struggling years. I often stopped near the kids’ playground to sell as much as I could. Making little kids smile with various ice-creams gave me immense joy. But there was this one boy who always asked for a strawberry cone while keeping his head down. I couldn’t see his face at first but when I did the ground swept off under my feet!

Story#2 – kidnapper:
I am scared to go near an ice cream truck now. This all happened when I was a kid. In my neighborhood there came a man who sold ice cream to kids. But little did we know about him. Although he seemed like a really happy man but from the inside, he was a devil incarnate. As the mystery unfolded a gruesome incident shook our town forever

STORY#3 – Coldhearted:
Everybody in town loves Harry and the ice cream he serves from his ice cream truck. I never learned much about his past but didn’t really care as long as I got my ice cream. Little did I know, Harry’s past would return to stain the town forever.

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Story 3 Written by:- spookiebiscuit

Story 2 Written by Caleb:

Story 1 Written by ARITRI CHATTERJEE

Stories Narrated by Dorsey Jackson
Of Dorsey Jackson Global At Compound City: https://www.youtube.com/user/Dizz371

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