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    3 Insane Asylum Horror Stories Animated

    Story 01: Sleepwalkers
    I can’t sleep at night. So to cope up with that I took a job at an asylum as a night watchman. At first, things were going well until one day, I came across a sleepwalking patient at night and my reality changed forever.

    Story 02: Old Asylum
    The town where I grew up had an abandoned asylum. The place was infamous for being a den for mad scientists running gruesome experiments on mentally unstable patients. Everyone who went there after dark-faced a terrible fate. But I had no idea I’d ever go there with my best friend!

    Story 03: Red-alert Wing
    The asylum where I worked as a cleaning guy had a special facility entitled to the most violent patients. Many workers were scared to go there even in daylight. My senior used to work there but when he got sick mysteriously while working there; I stepped up to take his position. Only if I knew what was going to happen ahead!

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    Stories Narrated by Dorsey Jackson
    Of Dorsey Jackson Global At Compound City:

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