3 True Babysitting Horror Stories Animated


Story01: The Cry
I took a job as a house nanny. The family happened to be extremely wealthy. but as I started living with them I realized there is something ominous about their house as well as their only son ‘Noah’.

Story02: My Last Babysitter
I never liked my babysitter growing up. I thought she was lazy and apathetic but overall harmless. At least, that’s what I thought until the last night I had to spend with her.

Story03: The Kid in the Basement
I used to work part-time as a babysitter and enjoyed doing it well enough. However, an experience at a house with a reclusive teenager and his shy younger brother has soured it for me forever.

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Story 1 Written by ARITRI CHATTERJEE

Story 2 & 3 Written by:- spookiebiscuit

Stories Narrated by Dorsey Jackson
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