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    4 Movies To Make You Think Twice Before Swimming

    If you don’t mess with the wildlife, they won’t mess with you.

    Jaws banner - 4 Movies To Make You Think Twice Before Swimming

    Summer is upon us and a lot of you are making plans to hit the pools and beaches. A lot of you live to go swimming and need someone like me to ruin that for you. As our resident ruiner, I’m here with a list of aquatic horror movies to show you the dangerous underbelly of your hobby. That’s right! I’m saving you a lot of pain and embarrassing headlines by telling you to stay away from the water.

    47 Meters Down (2017)

    Where You Can Watch: Hulu

    47 meters down - 4 Movies To Make You Think Twice Before Swimming

    Two sisters are stranded at the bottom of the ocean with very little oxygen left and an audience of great white sharks. This hellish trip was supposed to assist one of the sisters in getting over a break up. Points for getting her mind off it but was there nothing less deadly?! I know nothing about this movie other than Mandy Moore is one of the sisters. Watch this if you’re thinking about hopping into a cage and bothering sharks in Mexico. Then do something else instead.

    Alligator (1980)

    Where You Can Watch: Shudder

    DC alligator1 - 4 Movies To Make You Think Twice Before Swimming

    Someone flushed an alligator and it’s fed on nothing but discarded laboratory stuff and is back to raise hell! A lot of people who aren’t swimming find themselves in danger in this one. However, our ginormous alligator does eat a kid at a pool just to make it onto this list. I’m flattered because watching an alligator wreck Chicago is a good time. The list wouldn’t be nearly as classy without a sewer gator if you ask me.

    Deep Blue Sea (1999)

    Where You Can Watch: HBOMax

    deep blue sea stellan skarsgard 1024x535 - 4 Movies To Make You Think Twice Before Swimming

    Scientists bite off more than they can chew when it comes to the sharks they use in their Alzheimer’s research. This movie has the most bizarre cast that includes Samuel L. Jackson and LL Cool J. I don’t know if I would say it’s a good movie, but I will say it’s a fun movie. It’s also another reminder of what awaits you when you go swimming near islands. Or in research facilities. Highly recommend you watch LL Cool J’s Deepest Bluest music video, too, because the production quality is ridiculous.

    The Reef (2010)

    Where You Can Watch: Amazon Prime and Tubi

    DC The Reef - 4 Movies To Make You Think Twice Before Swimming

    A crew finds themselves being hunted by a great white shark near the Great Barrier Reef. Refs are almost always near the homes of sharks. At least I think so…I was homeschooled so should probably check on that after movies and novels stop making it seem like I’m right about this! Get yourself a kiddie pool to swim in and stay your butt at home!


    Jaws (1975)

    Where You Can Watch: VOD

    DC Jaws 1 - 4 Movies To Make You Think Twice Before Swimming

    A killer shark ruins beach season and causes problems for the local authorities. We’ve all seen Jaws. However, have we seen it after living through the darkest timeline? Because as adult it’s hitting way to close to home and I don’t like it. Get out of the water, get a bigger boat, and steer clear of this shark. Because he’s not taking any prisoners.

    Let me know your favorite aquatic horror movies at @misssharai.

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