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    5 Winter Horror Movies To Watch While Canceling Your Plans


    The weather outside is frightful and this week’s movie guide is delightful.

    I love the concept of winter. But I’m not a fan of the going outside and freezing aspect of it. Typically, I cancel all of my plans, get cozy and hibernate for the winter. It’s more fun to watch winter movies than to actually risk falling on rogue ice outside of a Perkins. For this week’s streaming guide, I decided to give us a whole weekend’s worth of snowy horror to watch as we snuggle under our blankets and remember why we are not going outside until April. Here are 5 Winter Horror Movies To Watch While You Cancel Your Plans.

    The Blackcoat’s Daughter (2015)

    Where You Can Watch: Showtime

    The Blackcoats Daughter 1024x576 - 5 Winter Horror Movies To Watch While Canceling Your Plans

    Two students stranded at their Catholic school during winter break realize that something sinister and deadly is on campus. The movie has a mostly women-led cast and makes it hard to pinpoint exactly what is going on until the second half of the movie, which are two things I love. It’s also a very slow burn. 

    Frozen (2010)

    Where You Can Watch: Amazon Prime, Tubi, and Youtube

    Frozen Screenshot 1024x439 - 5 Winter Horror Movies To Watch While Canceling Your Plans

    Three people get stranded on a chairlift as a ski resort closes for the night during an awful storm. By the time you get around to making fun of how the frostbite is handled, you’ll be happy you chose armchairs over chairlifts. I did not live for this movie, but I have to admit it is a unique idea for survival horror. 

    Let Me In (2010)

    Where You Can Watch: Netflix

    Let Me In 2010 1024x535 - 5 Winter Horror Movies To Watch While Canceling Your Plans

    A neglected and bullied kid makes friends with the vampire girl that moves in next door. I do not know why a horror romance about a 12-year-old, and the vampire who presents as a 12-year-old, works but it does. Also, something is unsettling about watching Abby (Chloë Grace Moretz) walk around barefoot in the winter even if it does prove how metal she is before she rips her way through a few people. 

    Bonus: You can find the original version, Let the Right One In, from 2008 on Hulu, Tubi

    Orphan (2009)

    Where You Can Watch: Youtube

    Orphan banner 1024x576 - 5 Winter Horror Movies To Watch While Canceling Your Plans

    A grieving couple adopts a 9-year-old with a mysterious past. This movie is as fun as it is predictable. Most of the mayhem also takes place during the dead of winter in (and around) a gorgeous house surrounded by snow and a frozen pond. You do spend most of the movie waiting to see how that pond will come into play.

    Storm of the Century (1999)

    Where You Can Watch: Youtube

    Storm of the Century King 1024x535 - 5 Winter Horror Movies To Watch While Canceling Your Plans

    A mysterious stranger appears just as a winter storm cuts a small town off from the rest of the world. This miniseries is one of the strongest Stephen King adaptations (and believe me, I have seen plenty), and we do not talk about it enough on the timeline. These four hours of snow and blood are a good Saturday well spent. It also pairs nicely with the most popular Stephen King winter movie, Misery (1990), which is streaming on HBOMax. 

    Bonus Pick: Rift (2017)

    Where You Can Watch: Shudder, Tubi, and Vudu

    RIFT Still1 - 5 Winter Horror Movies To Watch While Canceling Your Plans

    This Icelandic horror mystery is described as “two men in a secluded cabin are haunted by their dead relationship.” I discovered this one on Shudder after I had already chosen the five for this streaming guide. I cannot wait to get into it with the right cup of spiked apple cider. 

    Did I miss your favorite winter horror movie on this list? Or did you find a new favorite on this list? Let me know at @misssharai

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