6 Books to Read for Fans of Grimm


15 Sep 2023

6 Books to Read for Fans of Grimm

From twisted retellings to original works, these reads promise to cast a spell on your imagination. Prepare to step into forests where secrets lurk, kingdoms where magic reigns, and stories that bridge the gap between reality and fantasy. These books are your invitation to explore the darkly beautiful and wonderfully eerie worlds that fans of Grimm’s tales know and love.

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Immortal Templar (Book I: Purgatory)

by D Wolfin

Release Date: August 20, 2023

Thomas clawed his way back into the realm of the living to seek answers, but instead found Senna, a nature fae captured and tortured for the purposes of black witchcraft. Lounging around while running a supernatural private investigator business, he now serves as her father. Exactly who is looking after who is highly debatable though.

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Magic, Monsters, and Me (The Magicals’ Alliance)

by Timoteo Tong

Release Date: June 6, 2023

Elijah is discovering the meaning of his new relationship with friend Austin as nemesis Devlina reappears, threatening to use magic to destroy the world. Elijah must now juggle pursuing his feelings for Austin, meeting the expectations of his influential family, and fulfilling his destiny to combat the forces of evil and save the planet.

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Fractured Soul (Assassins of Illumination 1)

by JMD Reid

Release Date: September 12, 2023

His soul fractured by too many lives an assassin seeks to find himself. A shapechanging assassin is free of his masters who made him into a monster. No One has stumbled back to his old life, but his victims have hired their own assassin while a crime syndicate seeks to use him!

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Witch of Wild Things

by Raquel Vasquez Gilliland

Release Date: September 12, 2023

Legend goes that long ago a Flores woman offended the old gods, and their family was cursed as a result. Now, every woman born to the family has a touch of magic.

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The Ever King (The Ever Seas Book 1)

by LJ Andrews

Release Date: September 16, 2023

Welcome to the passionate world of the Ever Kingdom where pirates, sirens, and fae collide with Vikings in a dark fantasy romance between a villain and the innocent princess who holds his heart.

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Heat of the Everflame

by Penn Cole

Release Date: September 12, 2023

After her disastrous coronation, Diem finds herself at the center of the conflict between the Descended and the Guardians. With her newfound friends and the man she’s falling for on one side, and the mortals she has vowed to protect on the other, Diem must walk a careful line to save the people she loves… even from each other.

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