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    6 Moments In Horror When Blood Was Sexy As Hell

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    One of the best things about horror is the copious amounts of blood and viscera the genre has to offer. Not every horror fan is built the same, of course. For many, the sight of cardial juice is off-putting enough to switch a horror film off. For others, it is a necessary component to get their own blood pumping faster. On the entire other side of this spectrum are those horror fans who can get a bit hot and bothered when the bodily fluids start flowing.

    My people.

    This list is for all of us plasma pleasers and sensual sanguinites. Fortunately for us, there is a slew of horror filmmakers out there who love to explore the intimacy of blood-soaked bodies. Here are 6 of the sexiest blood-stained scenes in horror.

    Hostel Part II – Blood Bath

    What’s more relaxing than a nice…warm…bath?

    The Hostel films are contentious titles amongst horror fans. Their premise is simple: The wealthy prey on the young and gullible by means of fake hostels throughout Eastern Europe. 

    Hostel has become synonymous with the term “torture porn,” and with good reason. This particular scene from Hostel Part IIcranks things up a bit for the franchise. It is the first kill of the film and features a woman clad in nothing except a beautiful sautoir lounging in a tub underneath a bound and gagged girl.

    There is a lot of flesh on display throughout, and things get a spattering of color when the woman casually whips out a scythe so long it would make the grim reaper jealous. I won’t spoil the details, but I will say that this scene firmly puts the “porn” in “torture porn” with the sounds of screams, splashing, and moans coalescing into one of the more conflicting moments on this list.

    Feeling squeamish yet? Well, like the unfortunate girl in this scene, strap in! Things are only going to get messier from here.

    Blade – Blood Rave

    It would not be appropriate to have a list of sexy scenes involving blood without discussing Blade. The Wesley Snipes starring action/horror made quite a splash when it was originally released in 1998. Sexy vampires were becoming par for the course in the 90s with films such as Interview With the Vampire, From Dusk Till Dawn, and Bram Stoker’s Dracula titillating audiences throughout the decade. 

    What set Blade apart from the pack was its action-driven set pieces and one hell of an opening sequence. For many horror fans, the blood rave was a sexual awakening. Not only because we all discovered how eerily alluring the sheen of red blood looks on people in the throws of ecstasy, but also because the scene was hot and steamy before any blood is ever shown. At the time, this rave introduced many a baby goth to the wonders of dark techno, and taught them to always bring a warm snack to share at the party.

    This scene introduces the titular character in a grandiose tonal shift of vampiric carnage that makes an already great moment into an all-time horror classic.

    Excision – Blood Fetish Fantasies

    High school was an awkward time for many of us. Your body starts to go through all sorts of changes and your hormones go absolutely wild. We would all be forgiven if we had a few strange sexual fantasies here and there during that time. Excision’s Pauline (played by model and actor AnnaLynne McCord) has quite a few fantasies. All of them burgeoning on full-blown delusions of grandeur.

    At multiple points throughout the film, we take a sharp detour from the American Beauty-esque family dramedy to have a peek at what’s on Pauline’s mind. In these moments, we are shown a disturbing mishmash of surgery and sex, as Pauline’s delusions become stronger and stronger. Each sequence impressively manages to present sex as nothing more than clinical; whereas, blood and amputation are orgasmic delights. Director Richard Bates Jr. utilizes McCord’s background as a model expertly by giving viewers a fashion show from Hell each time we are confronted with the horrors that lurk within Pauline’s mind. 

    So, maybe don’t be so hard on yourself if you practiced making out with one of your stuffed animals. That’s all I’m saying.

    Hellbound: Hellraiser II – Bloody Beds

    The Hellraiser films are notorious for being as horny as they are violent. Although later installments in the franchise would pull back a bit on the hotness and heaviness, the first handful of films established the property as one you certainly don’t want to watch with your parents. Hellbound: Hellraiser II is quite possibly the steamiest of them all.

    There are a lot of scenes I could have chosen for this list, but to me the sexiest use of blood is shown when Kirsty Cotton (Ashley Lawerence) traverses the hellworld within the Lament Configuration to find her father, only to come across the personal torture designed for her uncle Frank Cotton (Sean Chapman). 

    The scenery is elegant and romantic. Like something straight out of softcore porn from the time. Beds with beautiful women writhing in ecstasy under snow-white sheets piston in and out of deep, cavernous chambers Unfortunately for Kirsty’s sex-addicted uncle, the women disappear the moment you lift the sheet. To make matters more interesting, if Frank bleeds, the beds bleed in response. 

    This scene has it all. Beautiful people moaning in pleasure, blood-stained sheets, and a very, very sweaty Sean Chapman smoldering throughout the whole thing. If this is Hell, where do I sign up?

    Byzantium – Blood Waterfall

    Neil Jordan’s 2012 return to the vampire genre was a surprisingly understated tale of mother/daughter relationships and discovering one’s agency. Everyone gives some of the best performances of their careers, and Jordan makes some delightful tweaks to vampire lore along the way. Despite being about the aching thirst that comes with being a vampire, Byzantium is fairly subdued where sex is concerned.

    This is a film full of meaningful glances and passionate monologues. That does not mean it is entirely devoid of burning loins, though. Rather, like the film’s protagonists, it holds back on the literal bloodlust to make the few moments we get the goods truly count.

    In a flashback showing the viewer how one becomes a bloodsucker in this world, the floodgates are fully opened in extravagant fashion as Clara, played with ferocious passion by Gemma Arterton,stands under a small waterfall. After a few moments, the water runs red with blood. Clara indulges in the crimson shower with the knowledge that she has taken her life into her own hands for the very first time. We are swept away in her euphoria in what is easily the sexiest and most empowering moment of the film.

    American Psycho – “Hey, Paul!” 

    I think we can all agree that Christian Bale’s portrayal of deranged 80s yuppy, Patrick Bateman, is one of the sexiest bad guys in film history. He is impeccable in every single way. Sure, he’s just as likely to scoop out your eyes on the first date as he is to treat you to a lobster dinner, but he does so with style. 

    Although American Psycho has its fair share of sex scenes, they are all played for tension or fright. Bateman is at his sexiest when he is plotting against his rivals at work. This particular scene is mostly cited for Bale’s comical dancing and waxing philosophic over Huey Lewis & The News, but for me, it is one of the only moments in the film that exudes pure, carnal sexuality.

    Not only does Bateman literally penetrate Paul Allan’s (Jared Leto) head, he also gets a little red facial for his efforts. The moment he takes off that raincoat and whips out a cigarette to celebrate his sexual conquest always gets me reaching for a fan. You’ve earned that cigarette, Patrick. You worked hard for it. Phew!

    These are just a few examples of blood being used to get our pulses elevated. What are some of your favorites? Let me know on Twitter @_Shockaholic!

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