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    A Doctor of Counseling Psychology Helps Parents and Kids Learn

    ADHD Warrior by Dr. Ambroes Pass-Turner

    ADHD Warrior: Helping Children Conquer ADHD Unwanted Behaviors (Gatekeeper Press) by Dr. Ambroes Pass-Turner is a considerate story filled with tips and tricks for children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). These treatments and practices are offered to children and their parents to help them find ways to cope with the behaviors that come with the diagnosis. Living with ADHD or ADD as a child or as parents of that child is a complex and, at times, a frustrating journey, but this book could serve as a guiding light of understanding and compassion. This book could help provide strategies to incorporate into your everyday lives, along with providing emotional support, letting you know you aren’t alone.

    Roxie is experiencing some difficulty concentrating in school; she finds herself daydreaming about being a princess when she should be focusing on math or losing her homework in her messy backpack when she knows she saw her mother pack it. Roxie is also having trouble completing her chores at home, such as forgetting to turn off the faucet after brushing her teeth, or staring out the window because she heard the doorbell ring and abandoned the task of cleaning her room. Because of her behavior, Roxie’s parents take her to the doctor, where they come to a diagnosis of ADHD.

    From that moment on, Roxie, her parents and her teachers all come together to help identify the unwanted behaviors and develop solutions and coping skills to manage them. For example, in school, Roxie was moved up to the front of the class so that when her teacher noticed her beginning to daydream, she could bring her back to the lesson and put her back on task. Also, her teachers began praising her for good behavior and encouragement! At home, Mom and Dad implemented a new diet focusing on cutting out most processed foods and adding more gluten-free foods and more veggies. Also, keeping up a strict routine with added physical activity helps burn some excessive energy, allowing her to focus on tasks.

    Dr. Ambroes Pass-Turner is a Doctor of Counseling Psychology. She has used her twenty years of experience as a mental health professional to help many children with behavior disorders. Along with being an author, she is also the founder of Dr. Ambroes Kids Corner, which is an educational YouTube channel that discusses children’s behavior and mental health concerns. Backed by her skill and expertise, Dr. Ambroes has created a book emphasizing the importance of finding ways to manage your child’s ADHD to make them feel empowered rather than ashamed. This book provides a positive attitude and outcome for everyone involved when approached with a nurturing and resilient attitude!

    ADHD Warrior: Helping Children Conquer ADHD Unwanted Behaviors teaches that ADHD or ADD can be managed with awareness, coping mechanisms and determination; your child can become the warrior they were always meant to be!

    ADHD Warrior by Dr. Ambroes Pass-Turner

    Publish Date: July 12, 2023

    Genre: Children’s Books

    Author: Dr. Ambroes Pass-Turner

    Page Count: 56 pages

    Publisher: Gatekeeper Press

    ISBN: 9781662921421

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