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    An Author at the Crossroads of Science Fiction and Fantasy

    Orbem by Scott V. Adrian

    Whether on the shelves of a bookstore or a reader’s own personal library, science fiction and fantasy often get put side by side. But where exactly is the line between these two genres?

    It’s in that nebulous area between the two genres that author Scott Adrian set his brand-new release, Orbem. This mind-bending story weaves the two together, taking the reader on a portal-hopping journey that spans multiple universes. Check out what Adrian shared about what it was like building such an incredible world, and how his unconventional writing process helped him bring this story to life.

    Q: What draws you to Sci-Fi/Fantasy?

    A: Technology is amazing. How fast it develops and the way it changes our lives and world in a decade is so fascinating. SciFi really allows story tellers to just jump ahead to science that we couldn’t fathom existing in our time. The best part is SciFi becomes reality. Sometime reality supersedes SciFi! Now, fantasy is an escape for me. Instead of thinking of the future I can put myself in another world/universe entirely and picture a life with magic or mystical creatures. That stark difference to our world is appealing and fun to me.

    Q:Why did you decide to write from a first person perspective rather than third?

    A: Because I had no idea how difficult it would be! Honestly there were plenty of times I would have loved to go “god mode” and peep into other character’s secrets or monologues. I am glad I did write in first person though. I really enjoyed seeing the worlds from the mind and eyes of Graeme and Ioana. I don’t regret the decision, but it might be fun to go third person in a different series.

    Q: What did your writing process look like in order to create such an expansive and alien world?

    A: I didn’t think too hard. I’ve always had a pretty active imagination so I took it one day at a time and just created areas and creatures as the story needed them. My writing process was chaotic at best. Having to do my day job as a programmer and take care of my wife and kids definitely made writing a treat for me to indulge in sporadically. Instead of watching a TV show or reading a book I would take that time to continue my story. I don’t know how writing the entire first draft on my phone affected the story, but being in different places or rooms could have added inspiration through osmosis.

    Q: Do you read the work of other authors within the genre? If yes, have you drawn any inspiration from them?

    A: I read a lot of SciFi novels before considering writing my own. After about 20 or so I started to feel unproductive so I decided my time was best spent writing instead of reading. That being said, I think the first three Magic 2.0 books by Scott Meyer definitely made me know I wanted some humor in the book and not take it so seriously. I could say my attempt to present fight scenes in a way that was easy to imagine were inspired by Battle Mage and a few others.

    Q: What do you hope readers take away from Orbem?

    A: When readers finish Orbem, I hope they think. “Wait, that’s it? What happens next?!” I hope I can convert some SciFi readers to Fantasy and visa-versa as I love both genres. Hopefully they see potential in the series and me as an author.

    Q: What is your next project?

    A: Well, based on a lot of feedback and excitement over the “Homonian Chronicles,” I’ve decided it’s worth continuing with Book 2 titled Miropelia. All the characters from Orbem will continue their journeys and we’ll get to explore Orbem and its inhabitants even more!

    Scott V. Adrian was born in 1988 in Los Angeles, California.

    He was allowed to indulge in media at an early age, leading to his love of cartoons and fantasy. Scott never missed the big fantasy/animated movie releases including any Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and super hero flicks.

    Later in his teens, Scott found a love of anime. He contributes a lot of his story structure and flow to the hundreds of anime series he binged over the years. His distaste for dubbed animes is also what he thinks grew his reading abilities as subtitles were his preference.

    Scott later went from a musician to professional piercer and then post production coordinator before landing on a long career as a software engineer. His resume includes programming for companies such as Disney, Warner Bros and Universal.

    Orbem by Scott V. Adrian

    Publish Date: August 25, 2023

    Genre: Fantasy, Science Fiction

    Author: Scott V. Adrian

    Page Count: 340 pages

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