Booktrib’s Bites: Four Reads to Cap Off the Summer


When the Brakes Fail by Cindy Wittstrom

Cindy knew something was wrong, very wrong. She could not fathom where to find help.

Assuming this inner chaos was a medical issue, she reached out to her physician, whose advice was practically worthless. A last resort: her small-town general practitioner. Because she recently gave birth, he diagnosed her malady immediately —postpartum depression. He likened her condition to that of a runaway freight train, headed for parts unknown, moving at breakneck speed.

Twenty years later this same train, her enemy, resurfaces in the guise of bipolar illness. Her allies encircle her. She is not alone. Together they must carve the unforeseen path. When the Brakes Fail tells Cindy’s unpredictable story which, for the most part, is misunderstood. Walk the tracks with her and discover her journey. Purchase at

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