Common Horror Sounds


Hello Dev!

This pack includes several sounds common in horror games, if you’re making a game of the genre I’m sure it will be useful, mainly for setting the scene.

In this pack you will have te famous jump scares, violin sounds, basses, locks, among many others.

The interesting thing about this pack is the fact that these sounds can be used in a multitude of situations for setting, so investing in it, even if you’re not making a horror game, will come in handy, I believe it’s a good addition to your collection.

It’s worth remembering that I name the files according to the visual reference I have when I’m creating them, but you can use whatever you want, no problem!

By investing in this package, you take all that and still help me to continue creating quality sounds at a very nice price!

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00:00 Bass
00:15 Church_Bells
00:38 Doors
00:52 Flames
01:17 Ghostly_Wind
01:31 Gore
01:42 Insects
01:54 JumpScare
02:19 Lever
02:27 Locks
02:36 Low_Impact
02:59 Low_Piano
03:14 Old_Clock
03:23 Radio
03:31 Ring_Bell
03:50 Riser
04:24 Thunders
06:24 TypeWriter
07:02 Violins
07:19 Voice_Male
07:28 Whisper

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