Conjuring Terror With ‘Spirit Board: Doorway to Death’


If you recall, Blood Babes, I wrote a review for Facemelt Features’ first feature-length film, Night of the Axe, not long ago. The takeaway from it is despite having a meager budget and numerous limitations, Shawn Wright managed to get his film out, and his passion for the horror genre shone through. Wright’s was a name I wanted to keep my eye on, and I’m happy to say my efforts in stalking said director behind trees and corners have paid off! Turns out, Wright is hard at work for his low-budget horror film titled Spirit Board: Doorway to Death!

Read the full synopsis below:

“A group of bored friends play with a spirit board and accidentally conjure the ghost of a long-dead serial killer. Soon, the friends and their partners are hunted down by the evil specter. Who will survive? Who will join the ghost in death? A supernatural slasher from Facemelt Features.”

Lost me at “ghost” and got me back with “slasher”. The concept of combining the otherworldly eeriness of a ghost picture with the visceral viciousness of a slasher flick isn’t anything new. However, said combination isn’t as prevalent in the subgenre as one might think. So, it continues to be an interesting experiment each time it’s done.

On the film, Wright said:

Spirit Board is based on my second short film. I love this short film and I’m very excited to bring the story to a feature length format. I’ve put together a great cast to bring this story to life. With a decent budget I can create an excellent old school supernatural slasher. I can do a lot with a small amount of money. I’m a DIY indie guy. I don’t need a bloated budget to make a great film. All of my budget will go on screen and will help support my amazing cast and crew.”

Spirit Board has an Indiegogo campaign currently running right here. If you can, show your support for indie horror cinema and throw a few bucks their way!


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