Critically Acclaimed Survival Thriller Dominates Hulu Movie Charts


Watch out, A24, there’s another girl in the room. Neon has been on the scene for years, and it seems like the mainstream is taking notice. The boutique label won several awards this year, with Anatomy of a Fall earning an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. The studio is also known for delivering exciting genre fare like last year’s It Lives Inside and the recent horror hit Immaculate.

Less people seem to be discussing their 2023 thriller The Royal Hotel, but that’s starting to change. The shocking Australian-set thrill ride is making a splash on the Hulu streaming movie charts, where it’s finding its widest audience yet. Today, it’s the top-charting thriller on the platform.

The survival thriller hails from filmmaker Kitty Green and features an ensemble of exciting new talent. Green is best known for The Assistant in 2019 and the wildly overlooked Netflix release Casting JonBenet. Now she’s back with her most intense work to date with The Royal Hotel.

In the film, Americans Hanna (Julia Garner) and Liv (Jessica Henwick) are best friends backpacking in Australia. After they run out of money, Liv, looking for an adventure, convinces Hanna to take a temporary live-in job behind the bar of a pub called ‘The Royal Hotel’ in a remote Outback mining town. Bar owner Billy and a host of locals give the girls a riotous introduction to Down Under drinking culture but soon Hanna and Liv find themselves trapped in an unnerving situation that grows rapidly out of their control.

Check out the trailer for the movie right here:

The Royal Hotel stars Julia Garner, Jessica Henwick, Toby Wallace, Hugo Weaving, Ursula Yovich, Daniel Henshall, James Frecheville and Herbert Nordrum.

Check out what fans are saying about the film online:

Out of money, Canadian backpackers Julia Garner & Jessica Henwick find bartending work and unsettling male aggression in the Aussie Outback.

On @hulu today, Kitty Green’s astute psychological thriller THE ROYAL HOTEL (2023) simmers with enough queasy menace to be called horror.

— Aaron Hillis (@cobblehillis) March 15, 2024

The Royal Hotel is my favorite 2023 film.

— Michael Pool (@Michael54098773) March 16, 2024

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