Destination Review: Vampa Museum – Vampire and Paranormal Museum



Vampa Museum: Vampire and Paranormal Museum

3686 US-202, DOYLESTOWN, PA 18902



A hidden treasure lurks in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.  A museum dedicated to spiritual conflict and psychological drama. An amazing display of artifacts that have been sourced from all over all the world. They date back to the 1700s.


Vampa Museum is filled with supernatural, folklore, myth, and faith. There are beautiful sculptures, vampire killing tools, and original Exorcism chair, spirit boards. Society sort of ruined spirit boards when THE EXORCIST came out. They became known as something bad when it was corporations and people making spirit boards into something they were not.

There are Warnings on some of the items and in the “Doll room.” They advise not to touch or take any photos, and a warning and hope of sort at the very end of the Museum tour.

Vampa is filled with fascinating lore, and diverse tools, eclectic items that won’t see elsewhere. When you walk around outside of the Vampa Museum. You will discover the dinosaur park, a beautiful animal-Related statue garden, and more.








Vampa Museum is open on Saturday and Sunday from 10am-5pm



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