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    Dick Reno: Monster Slayer starring Richard Tyson, Vernon Wells, Harley

    Richard Tyson (Kindergarten Cop), Vernon Wells (Mad Max 2), Harley Wallen (Ash & Bone), Dawna Lee Heising (The Paradise Motel) Jimmy Drain (The Dead Rose), Erika Monet (Realm of Shadows), Lindsey Kells (The Initiation), Natasha Coppola-Shalom (Last Call), Bob Bagnall (Shoot From the Hip), Ron Chaney (Lon Chaney Jr.’s grandson), Yeena Fisher (Don’t Go Into the Woods at Night), CJ Dunning (It Followed Me Home), Eric Cartwright (Garrison 7), Jacqueline Rose and Vida Ghaffari (The Mindy Project) round out the cast of ThunderKnight Entertainment LTD’s much anticipated horror/thriller/comedy Dick Reno: Monster Slayer. This film is currently in production. When supernatural powers of evil, war against each other and threaten the world of goodness and peace. You can only count on one man…Dick Reno: Monster Slayer! Dick has a big mouth, a big bank account and a big……gun! That is not Dick’s biggest weapon however, nothing can size up to Dick’s heart! Dick’s most formidable adversary, the ruthless and powerful vampire “Count Moldark,” who is the only thing that can cut off Dick’s quest.

    Not only does Moldark and his armada of monsters threaten the security of the civilized world, but Moldark is also responsible for killing Dick’s uncles Neil and Bob Reno! Dick’s two trusty assistants Ygor and Father Igloo tip Dick off in a rendezvous that could finally help Dick
    destroy Moldark once and for all.

    Dick is given intel that a group of beautiful lipstick lesbian werecats are scheduled to be terminated by Maldark’s top assassin, a chainsaw wielding behemoth called Chainsaw Charlie! Not wasting a moment, Dick and Ygor foil the attempt, but are unsuccessful from saving one of the werecats Bella from being abducted by Moldark’s top henchmen, the werewolf Bane! Dick’s only hope is to trust the beautiful Savannah, a werecat leader whose previous experience with Moldark can be enough of a leg up to destroy the vampire and save Bella.

    Dick and his new rag tag team must stop Moldark from impregnating Bella, and creating a new unstoppable (half bat and half cat) Gargoyle race that will in fact take over the world; and make Moldark the world leader! Can Dick Reno and his sexy group of lipstick lesbian werecats stop this invasion of evil? Or will Moldark’s reign of ghoulish terror begin! Watch If you dare, but don’t dare doubt against the Dick!

    This film is produced by Jimmy Drain, Joseph Kelbie Williamson, Darren Boylen, Gloria Tait. Drain is also writing and directing this film. Music is by Adrian Croom and Scifidelic. The cinematography is by Emmy Award Winner Bradley Kussy.



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