Finding the Humanity in Horror | Candela Obscura


Tabletop News host Xander Jeanneret sits down with Lead Designers, Spenser Starke & Rowan Hall to talk all things Candela Obscura on Meet Your Maker! #CandelaObscura #TabletopNews #TabletopGames

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Xander Jeanneret |

Director: Katie Wilson
Lead Writer/Script Supervisor: Garrett Palm
Writers: Kevin Carpenter, Rowan Zeoli
Researchers: Josh Heath, Leah Frampton
DP: Jared Hoy
Editors: Adam Rady
Social Media: Skyler Seymour
Thumbnail: Ness Cardano
Captions: Adam Lau
Line Producer: Glenn Akers
Producers: Adam Rady, Michelle Nguyen Bradley, Nathan Ondracek, Katie Wilson

Tabletop Gaming Topics Discussed in this Video: Alice Is Missing, Candela Obscura, Darrington Press, Icarus, Kids on Brooms

Chapters ►
00:00 Intro
00:18 Meet your Maker Sponsor
00:31 Beginning of Interview
00:45 What was the game that made you fall in love with gaming?
02:58 What got you into Game Design?
04:11 Candela Obscura’s Core Tenet
04:33 Rowan Hall | Lore
05:23 What is Candela Obscura?
6:30 Mythologist | Rowan Hall’s Podcast
9:38 Quickstart Guide
10:42 Core Rulebook
13:36 Secret Language
14:30 How did Candela Obscura Begin?
16:56 Helpful/Important Keywords
17:45 Difficulties/Favorite Mechanics Created?
18:43 How to take a “Scar” in Candela Obscura
20:57 Horror in Flavor | Thriller in Actual Play
21:33 Breath-Binding | Rowan Hall’s Favorite Bit of History
23:41 Playable Characters
25:05 Matt Mercer or Spenser Starke
32:42 Flare, Thinning & Locations
34:05 Kuleshov Effect
37:13 Can you play Candela Obscura in a different Time Period?
38:21 Fairelands
40:57 “Sacrifice” | Teaser
42:41 Outro

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