Forgotten Stephen King Gem Finds New Audience On Hulu


Part of what makes this time of year so magical is the classic Stephen King adaptations that find their way onto streamers. They feel, and I agree, that the last three months of the year are a time to get cozy and watch the King titles that creeped us out as kids. 

However, few have stepped up their King game quite like Hulu. They went right to the miniseries section of our memories and pulled out bops. Titles like Storm Of The Century, It (1990), and the extremely hard-to-find Rose Red. The latter has been all but erased. So much so that even Stephen King himself took to Twitter when it hit the streamer.

Read Stephen King’s alert:

I remember watching this on broadcast TV and being salty about the part I missed in the middle because parents ruin everything. So, I have made it my life’s mission to watch it in its entirety. However, here is a quick refresher for those who did not spend their childhood watching scary ABC miniseries. 

Watch the trailer

Read The Synopsis

“A college professor and a team of psychics investigate an old, abandoned house at the request of the man who has inherited it. Hoping to explain some of the mysterious deaths and disappearances on the property, the psychics stay in the mansion, but unleash a terrifying force that threatens to destroy them all.”

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Rose Red was directed by Craig R. Baxley. The miniseries was penned by Stephen King himself. This beloved piece of art stars Nancy Travis, Matt Keeslar, Julian Sands, Kimberly J. Brown, David Dukes, Judith Ivey, and Melanie Lynskey.

If you somehow missed this gem during the early aughts when Stephen King seemed to own broadcast TV, do yourself a favor and catch it while it’s on Hulu. If, like me, you have longed to revisit it for over 20 years, this is our time to shine. Let me know if it still holds up for you at @misssharai.


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