Francis Lawrence Wants to Make a Proper R-Rated ‘Constantine’ Sequel


Since the Constantine sequel is finally in the works, Francis Lawrence is gearing up to make a proper R-rated film. He wants this one to actually go for the guts and gory glory in his Constantine follow-up. The sequel will re-tream Lawrence with Keanu Reeves.

“My big, big regret was that we have an R-rated movie that’s really a PG-13 movie. Lawrence told The Wrap. “And if I was going to have to go have an R, I would have really made an R-rated movie. I would have made it much scarier and much more violent and I would have really made an R-rated movie.”

We can definitely get behind it. Especially if he does it right. If he is making it an r-rated film so that he can push the envelope that would be fantastic.

“The idea is this time, at least for me, is to really go at it and make a real R-rated Constantine which is, I think, what people always wanted originally, not the PG-13 version that just happens to get an R,” Lawrence said.

Would you like to see an r-rated Constantine film?

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