Haunted Abandoned Cinema | Halloween Ambience


The old Theatre House on Barton Lane was once a busy, bustling spot in the centre of town. In October of 1968, an eerie tragedy occurred. A group of teenagers broke in to the cinema, hoping to see the fabled spectre of “old Top”, a ghost in the form of an old gentleman named for his top hat that he wears when he appears to those chancing to sight him, mid-film, in the far corner of the roped-off gallery. Full of youthful spirit, and of course, pranking one another with “boos” and claims of sightings, they became so delightfully spooked that they all ran off home, shrieking with glee the whole way. It wasn’t until they got home, that they realised Jesse, a boy of just 14, was not with them. Panicked, they fessed the whole truth to their parents, who immediately called Jesse’s parents, who had already called the police, after noticing him missing out of his bed. Upon a frenzied arrival at the old theatre, dismayed officers discovered the unmoving, cold body of the boy, propped in a gallery seat, staring glass-eyed at the very same corner old Top was known to appear. The close-knit town went into shock, and the theatre was closed from that day forward. The centre of town shifted south, as nearby businesses closed down and moved. To this day, Barton Lane remains a derelict, unspokenly-avoided stain on the map. Each Halloween, however, local youths still approach the site warily, but daring not, of course, to venture inside, paying a sort of sombre homage to poor Jesse, spooking themselves by telling the eerie tale to newcomers and hoping to see a glimpse of something in the windows.

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