HNN Exclusive: Pictures from New Horror Western A TOWN CALLED PURGATORY,

8 is proud to release EXCLUSIVE PICTURES of the NEW Horror Western, A TOWN CALLED PURGATORY from the creators The Night Watchmen.

In a post-Civil War ghost town, a Yankee lawman and ex-Confederate tracker confront the legendary Skinwalker. While harboring distruct for each other, they must decipher unsettling secrets for survival.

Director: Matt Servitto
Story by: Ken Arnold
Written by: Dan De Luca

Actors: Kevin Jiggetts as Nicodemus Black, Jeff Ricketts as Silas Fist, Maria Lohn as Anna Place, Ken Arnold as Beau Riffen, Dan De Luca as Cody Parnum, and Matt Servitto as Frank Sparks.

A horror-Western, A TOWN CALLED PURGATORY will make its U.S. premiere this Saturday at New Jersey’s Garden State Film Festival with cast and crew attending.

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