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    How To Craft Your Perfect Halloween Soundtrack

    Whether you’re pregaming a horror movie night or throwing a costume party, Molly Henery’s got you covered with your Halloween playlist needs!

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    For horror fans, October is the most wonderful time of the year. Halloween is coming, the weather is perfect for cozying up with a good horror film, and there are tons of fun spooky things to do all month long. It’s very important to find the right events and activities to help you get into the holiday spirit. But something that is equally important, yet often overlooked, is finding the right music to match those events. As an avid listener of film scores and soundtracks, I’m here to suggest some music to maximize your Halloween vibes and spooky fun!

    Activity: Halloween Dance Party

    Album: “Turn Off the Light” by Kim Petras

    Kim Petras - How To Craft Your Perfect Halloween Soundtrack

    Kim Petras is a singer-songwriter originally from Germany, now living in the LA area. Specializing in synth-pop music you can dance to, Petras released the album “Turn Off the Light, Vol. 1” in 2019 with two subsequent volumes in 2020 and 2021. While it generally flew under the radar upon release, except with her devoted fanbase, the album gained popularity in 2021 thanks in large part to a limited vinyl release of the album.

    If you’re planning a Halloween dance party in the same vein as the vampire rave at the beginning of Blade, this album is for you. Not only is the album filled with songs that make you want to swing your hips, but each song is also horror-inspired. With groovy beats you can dance to and song titles such as “Bloody Valentine,” “Death By Sex,” and “Boo! Bitch!,” it’s sure to be a hit this Halloween. Plus, the titular song “Turn Off the Light” features the mistress of the dark herself, Elvira. 

    Activity: Horror Movie Marathon Pre-Game

    Album: “The Killer Sounds of Halloween 3D” by Sean Keller and Friends

    One of my personal favorite activities leading up to Halloween is having a movie night filled with horror films. Before the marathon begins, there is usually drinking, eating, and catching up as everyone arrives. During this time, I highly recommend throwing on “The Killer Sounds of Halloween 3D” by Sean Keller. Keller is an LA-based composer, singer, and songwriter who some horror fans might recognize as co-writer of the film All That We Destroy.

    “The Killer Sounds of Halloween 3D” is the third horror-themed album Keller has written and produced for Halloween in as many years. The album is a mix of songs, fake ads, and spoken-word stories and features the vocal stylings of familiar names such as Amanda Wyss, Ryan Lambert, Graham Skipper, Gigi Saul Guerrero, BJ Colangelo, and many more. It’s a great mix of different styles so there’s something for everyone on this album. Plus, the songs touch on multiple subgenres of horror and pay homage to many fan-favorite films. This album, as well as its two predecessors, are sure to impress your fellow horror-loving friends. 

    Activity: Pumpkin Patch Adventure

    Album: “Edward Scissorhands” by Danny Elfman

    edwardscissorhandsbanner1200x627 1024x535 - How To Craft Your Perfect Halloween Soundtrack

    Now, you might be looking at this activity/album combo and asking yourself how the two go together. Of the many Halloween activities one might do during October, going to the pumpkin patch is typically the most tame and taps into our inner child. By listening to Danny Elfman’s enchanting score for Edward Scissorhands, you not only tap into those childhood memories, but the music also makes the experience quite magical. Elfman’s score is so dreamy and whimsical, yet it has just a bit of a creepy edge to it (depending on the specific song). Listening to this album while selecting your perfect pumpkins to carve for Halloween on a brisk, overcast day is almost guaranteed to make you feel like the main character in your own spellbinding film.

    Activity: Horror Game Night

    Album: “Anthology: Movie Themes 1974-1998” by John Carpenter

    Having a game night with friends can be one of the most fun bonding experiences. Whether you’re playing Slashcards or Mixtape Massacre, you want to make sure to have some catchy tunes on in the background. The trick is to find something that fits the mood, reminds you of your favorite horror films, and can be talked over while you argue about who’s winning the game (in a friendly way, of course). You can’t go wrong with John Carpenter’s “Anthology: Movie Themes 1974-1998.”

    Most people know Carpenter as the director of some of the most beloved horror films such as Halloween and The Thing, but he also is an incredibly talented composer who created the film scores for most of his films. This album includes the main theme for all his best films, making it the perfect background music for game night. Who knows, maybe the music will even help you win a game!

    Activity: Halloween Costume Party

    Album: “Might Be Evil” by Wolfmen of Mars

    A costume party for Halloween typically sits somewhere between the dance party and the movie marathon pre-game. You want to listen to something fun and spooky. But you also want a bit of variety while you and your friends are laughing, eating, drinking, and admiring each other’s costumes. I highly recommend Wolfmen of Mars’s new album, “Might Be Evil,” for just such an occasion. If you recognize that name, it’s likely because they composed the film score for both Satanic Panic and Bit. Based out of Boston, MA, Wolfmen of Mars is best at combining 80’s electronic with heavier beats to create music you can’t help but bob your head to. “Might Be Evil” is their latest album. It’s not only filled with killer tracks, but there’s also a lot of variety between each tune. It’s an ideal choice for spending time with your best creeps.

    Hopefully this list not only helps you find some fun things to do this Halloween, but also helps you find the perfect music to pair it with. Whether the albums and artists are new to you or old favorites, they’re sure to help inject the holiday spirit into your October celebrations. And of course, I hope you all have a delightful and frightful Halloween!

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