Interview with Actress Lily Sullivan & Director Matt Vesely (Monolith)


MONOLITH is a bold, unnerving and claustrophobic film with one actor and shot in one location. The film explores questions of truth, privilege, conspiracy, and the fact that each of us sees what we want to see – and believes what we want to believe. Truth is no longer the great monolith that underpins the world – power is. Truth is power, but only for those with the voice to tell it. Does the truth hold any intrinsic value in a world so easily manipulated?

The film stars Lily Sullivan (Evil Dead Rise), directed by Matt Vesely in his feature film directorial debut and written by Lucy Campbell (“The Big Nothing”).

SYNOPSIS: While trying to salvage her career, a disgraced journalist begins investigating a strange conspiracy theory. But as the trail leads uncomfortably close to home, she is left to grapple with the lies at the heart of her own story

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