Interview with Lisa Renee Jones, Author of What If I


What’s the story behind the story? What inspired you to write What If I Never?

Inside Out is really the series of my heart. It is passionate, mysterious, unexpected. Missing that world and the entire feeling I had when writing it, inspired me to write a series in the same vein. In this case, the new series is in the same world as well. Inside Out spoke to my soul in so many ways and I think that made me the best I could be when writing. I hope that readers will feel I captured that intensity and passion with The Necklace trilogy.

What’s your favorite scene from your new release, What If I Never?

There is a scene where Allison is faced with the ghost of her past when Dash ends up being there for her, which I really love. This particular ghost tends to make Allison feel very alone, and Dash manages to fill the night in ways no one else could for her.

If you had to write a blurb for the last book you read, what would it say?

Love is murder and nothing is as it seems. Since it was a mystery if I say much more I’ll give away the secrets. And the book is called Little Secrets by Jennifer Hillier.

What romantic couple from literature makes you swoon? Which one is over-hyped?

I guess it’s not really literature but Pretty Woman the movie is so swoon-worthy to me. It is so old now and still to me personifies what a good romance should have inside the covers. As for over-hyped, Romeo and Juliet. They die. That is not romantic to me.

What’s your favorite genre to read? Is it the same as your favorite genre to write?

Since I write romance and thrillers I enjoy reading both but I do tend to read more thrillers. Often that is simply because if I’m writing romance I try to stay away from any other story that might in any way start consuming my mind, when mine should be, consuming me at the time.

Do you have any quirky writing habits? Where did you write What If I Never?

I write in bed. I know that sounds nuts but I find a big pillow behind me and my back does not hurt. And there is always a dog, a cat, and coffee. And probably BEAT BOBBY FLAY in the background with the sound off right until the judging starts. I love watching his show but as for cooking, I’m a master with the microwave and that is about it.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

To focus on me and no one else. Envy is dangerous because your story will never be anyone else’s story and if you focus on someone else, you are never fully focused on realizing your own potential.

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