It’s the End of the World as We Know it. New Images from Apocalyptic Anthology “F’d: Tales from the End Times”


Ahead of its forthcoming trailer release, highly anticipated horror anthology “F’’: Tales from the End Times”, drops 7 new images featuring scenes from 5 of the film’s included stories. The film, which just completed post-production, details different stories from different directors, all set on the day the world meets its unfortunate end.

Producer and featured director Ash Hamilton (Holes in the Sky: The Sean Miller Story) guarantees that the movie truly represents a huge step froward in bringing multiple horror genres together under one banner, “Often we see horror separating the genre between subgenres like found footage and more classical cinematic driven narrative.” He continued, “With F’s we embraced found footage, POV in-world storytelling and traditional horror, bridging those somewhat disparate filmmaking methods. It truly gives fans a little bit of everything.”

The film, shot throughout the greater part of 2023, features the likes of directors Ben Harl (Afterlife), Josh Brucker (Mothman, The Woodmen), Dillon Brown (The Flock, Ghost, Tahoe Joe 1 & 2), Hamilton himself and others.

When asked what to expect, Hamilton said, “Expect a horror film that aims to celebrate horror. We’re all horror fans and enthusiasts and we created what we wanted to see, and hopefully what fans deserve.

The first trailer for F’d drops soon along with a slate of festival screenings soon to follow.

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