‘Late Night With the Devil’ Acquired by IFC Films and Shudder for North American Release


October was a wonderful horror movie month. There were some hits (When Evil Lurks, Saw X), some misses (Exorcist: Believer, Pet Sematary: Bloodlines), and some undecided (Five Nights at Freddy’s, Nun II). Although November isn’t quite as packed with mainstream releases there are a few worth noting.

We have the trailers for some of these with a short synopsis of each. From a shark movie to an infamous Canadian serial killer procedural this list is as mixed as a Thanksgiving buffet. Speaking of which there is also an Eli Roth slasher that uses Thanksgiving as its premise.

If there is one we missed make sure to let us know in the comments so that we can add it to our watchlist.

“Deep Fear” On Demand November 3

Set in the Caribbean, Deep Fear is an intense and visceral survival thriller with furious action throughout. Madalina Ghenea stars as Naomi, an accomplished round-the-world yachtswoman, who sets out on a solo trip to meet her boyfriend, Jackson – played by Ed Westwick – in Grenada. Her tranquil three-day sail aboard 47-foot yacht ‘The Serenity’ takes an unexpectedly dark turn when a storm forces her off the plotted course. Circumnavigating an uninhabited reef-fringed island, she responds to a distress signal to aid a sinking vessel where she finds three survivors clinging to the shattered remains of a boat. Events soon take a malevolent twist when it transpires the survivors are drug traffickers who force Naomi to dive down into the hull of the sunken wreck to retrieve 850 kilos of cocaine. The plan is thwarted when Naomi finds herself surrounded by a frenzy of man-eating white sharks – lured by the dead bodies in the wreck. In a tense and deadly undersea attack, Naomi must use her wits and determination to survive

“Squealer” On Demand November 3

When a local cop and an overzealous social worker follow clues on missing persons cases around town, stomach-turning discoveries are unearthed on a pig farm, where the town butcher has been slaughtering more than livestock. in theaters and on digital on November 3

“It’s a Wonderful Knife” In Theaters November 10

After saving her town from a psychotic killer, Winnie Carruthers’ life is less than wonderful. When she wishes she’d never been born, she finds herself in a nightmare parallel universe where without her, things could be much, much worse.

“Thanksgiving” In Theaters November 17

After a Black Friday riot ends in tragedy, a mysterious Thanksgiving-inspired killer terrorizes Plymouth, Massachusetts – the birthplace of the infamous holiday.

“Walden” In Theaters November 10, On Demand December 12

A stenographer takes justice into his own hands to wreak havoc on the bad people he has been recording during their trials.

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