MEDIA RELEASE: TERRIFIER 2 – David Howard Thornton


For Halloween Slasher Radio Podcast sat down with David Howard Thornton and Lauren LaVera from the hit film TERRIFIER 2! We discussed many different topics from behind the scenes, Terrifier 3 to Halloween Ends and everything in between! Please see below talking points with timestamps included:

-Not seeing original Terrifier before auditioning for role in Terrifier 2 (23:45)

-Working on set of Terrifier 2 with their skeleton crew (30:35)

-Selecting a script like Terrifier 2 and doing her own stunts plus stunts she wasn’t allowed to do (26:32)

-Working with David Howard Thornton on set and behind the scenes (32:19)

-The experience and difficulty working in Sienna’s armor costume (34:48)

-Being ‘A Woman in Horror’ (37:02)

-Final Girls in Horror and her joining that list (40:40)

-Being type casted as a ‘Scream Queen’ (43 minutes)

-Sienna return for Terrifier 3? Possible storyline. Wanting to be “the Bruce Campbell to your Sam Rami” with Damien Leone (45:30)

-How is Damien Leone (47:15)

David Howard Thornton:

-Damien Leone and himself believing this movie was going to be as big as it was (50:50)

-Art The Clown’s backstory (53:36)

      ”We’ll probably show how he became Art The Clown” comparing it to Joker/Red Hood

-Going up against Halloween Ends in theaters. Going up against Michael Myers in October (55:55)

-Reactions of reports of people passing out in theaters (59:32)

-BLASTS Halloween Ends (1:00:27) (1:14:50)

      -A way they could have saved Halloween Ends with a shamrock… (1:03:00)

-Terrifier 2 keeping the same feel as original Terrifier and Damien having plans for the future of the franchise that no one knows. (1:05:19)

-Art The Clown being ‘a slasher’ in this while Terrifier 2 has a sci-fi style turn (1:07:17)

-Dealing with participating in the gore scenes and off-camera reactions (1:09:12)

-Having a nude scene (1:16:50)

-Confidence in the role of Art (1:20:08)

-Art The Clown using a gun as a slasher (1:24:36)

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