Michael Joy announced at Vice President of FEAR VILLAGE horror attraction


HNN Operations Manager, Michael Joy was announced as VICE PRESIDENT of the upcoming New Jersey horror attraction, FEAR VILLAGE.

Michael Joy is also the owner / operator of MARKETING MACABRE which had been providing independent horror films worldwide press coverage since 2017.   He has also recently stepped on board as producer on the SHOWTOWN AMERICAN PICTURES new horror film, SIESTA KEY SLASHER and the MEGACITY MEDIA PRODUCTIONS new science fiction fantasy, SPACE GOBLINS.

“Today, I signed my contract to become Vice President of the FEAR VILLAGE Haunted Horror Attraction. Mario Cerrito (Owner/President) and I are opening the doors September 2024 at the Voorhees Town Center in Voorhees, New Jersey, but we have much work to do between now and then. This is the culmination of many years of being involved in the horror industry from HorrorNewsNet to Marketing Macabre to Fear Village. We are building a hybrid attraction that merges the classic haunted house with modern mystery rooms. The result is a must-see destination for every horror loving fan. When you step foot into Fear Village, it will be like you are stepping right into a horror movie happening all around you. I’m so excited to bring you this amazing adventure.” – Michael Joy

“Over the next year, I’ll be doing a massive amount of marketing for FEAR VILLAGE horror attraction with Marketing Macabre. If you have a horror film or business or anything and you want to piggy back on ALL of the FEAR VILLAGE press for the entire year, please contact me. There is tons of opportunity.” – Michael Joy

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