New Chinese “Anaconda” Remake Features Circus Performers Against A Giant Snake [Trailer]


Sony Pictures, in collaboration with Canno Studio Pictures and Xiang Bros Studios, has unveiled the trailer for a new Chinese remake of the 1997 thriller classic, ‘Anaconda‘. Titled ‘Hundred Poisons Rampage‘, this fresh interpretation offers a novel twist by centering on a group of circus performers who face off against a formidable giant snake. Watch the intense trailer below:

Anaconda (Chinese Remake)

The original ‘Anaconda‘ film, known for its “nature run amok” theme, featured a documentary crew navigating the Amazon in search of a mythical tribe, only to find themselves hunted by a colossal anaconda. Directed by Luis Llosa, the film boasted a script by Hans Bauer, Jim Cash, and Jack Epps Jr., and a notable cast including Jennifer Lopez and Ice Cube.

Jennifer Lopez and Ice Cube in Anaconda (1997)

In stark contrast, the Chinese remake introduces audiences to a new survival story: “A group of circus performers, on their way to what they think is a new performance location, become stranded in a lush rainforest after the boat they were on, and the captain leading the way, are eaten and destroyed by an anaconda with a special red marking. They cross paths with a deadly poacher who is hunting the anaconda, who realizes that he might now have enough bait to catch him. But being circus performers, they have a few survival tricks up their sleeves.”

This plot pivot is directed by Qiuliang Xiang and Hesheng Xiang, featuring a diverse cast including Terence Yin, Nita Lei, and Ruoyan Xia, among others. The movie not only promises thrilling action but also showcases the unique skills of circus performers in a battle against nature’s formidable predator.

Anaconda (Chinese Remake)

Parallel to the release of the Chinese remake, Sony’s Columbia Pictures is developing a reboot of the original ‘Anaconda‘, aiming to enhance the movie’s scope and budget significantly. Three and a half years ago, Sony’s Columbia Pictures announced that they were developing a reboot / reimagining of the 1997 ‘nature run amok’ thriller Anaconda, with the intention of ‘taking what was a simple and relatively cheap programmer with a B-movie concept and event-izing it in scope and budget.’

Tom Gormican is considered for writing and possibly directing the film, with a unique meta approach hinted: “actors playing loose fictional versions of themselves who go off to make an Anaconda movie and all hell breaks loose.” Rumors also swirl around potential casting, including Pedro Pascal and Paul Rudd, adding to the anticipation of how this reimagined project will eventually unfold.

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