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    New Genre Film Production Company, Stoked Film Group, Launches With

    'Slayers' Stoked Film Group Thomas Jane Thomas Jane and Kara Hayward in ‘Slayers,’ one of the first films to come from Stoked Film Group. Photograph by Riley Yazzie

    Stoked Film Group, a new genre production outfit founded by former NBA player Jarnell Stokes, writer-director K. Asher Levin, and producer Daniel Cummings, announced its launch today.

    The company will develop and produce film and TV projects and its multi-picture slate already includes two finished films, Slayers and Dig.

    Slayers stars Thomas Jane, Abigail Breslin, and Malin Akerman. The film is centered around a group of famous influencers whose visit to a billionaire’s mansion ends up trapping them in a vampire’s lair.

    Dig also stars Jane, alongside his daughter Harlow Jane, Emile Hirsch, and Liana Liberato. Currently in post-production, the movie tells the story of a widowed father and his daughter whose house is scheduled for demolition. A menacing couple take them hostage in an effort to obtain what’s hidden underneath the estate. 

    Screen Shot 2021 06 11 at 10.14.30 AM e1623424510453 1024x433 - New Genre Film Production Company, Stoked Film Group, Launches With Multi-Film SlateEmile Hirsch (L), Liana Liberato (C), and Thomas Jane (R) in Dig. Courtesy of Stoked Film Group

    For Stoked Film Group’s next project, Levin will direct the comedic murder-mystery thriller Helen’s Dead. In that film, a directionless young woman named Addie heads to a dinner party to confront her boyfriend and her cousin Helen, who are sleeping with each other behind her back. But once she’s there, she learns that Helen is dead and no one in her orbit is above suspicion.

    Helen’s Dead is now being cast, and principal photography will begin in December of this year. 

    Additional titles in development under the Stoked banner include Rager and Meat Locker.

    In a statement, Stokes says that the “substantial market for original, elevated content geared toward a genre audience” motivated the founding of Stoked Film Group. The company’s projects range from slasher to action to thriller. As it positions itself as a new player in the genre space, the company says its focus is on charging its productions with the social commentary and irreverent humor that became hallmarks of mid-’90s genre hits.

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    “Partnering with Asher and Daniel on these projects will have us coming out of the gate strong and we couldn’t be more excited. Audiences will know what to expect when they see the Stoked label next to it,” Stokes says.

    Levin adds: “With our team, we have the resources and expertise to deliver content with a distinctive voice that’s fun as hell [and has] lasting, iconic, and re-watchable moments.”

    Cummings says that Stoked Film Group’s production model provides an ideal entry point for emerging and underrepresented voices working in genre. “The diverse backgrounds of Jarnell, Asher, and me allow us to connect with a wide range of artists and audiences,” he explains.

    Levin and Cummings will oversee a production team that prioritizes high-quality storytelling, and will develop concepts across genres and formats for theatrical, direct-to-consumer content and distributor partners. Stoked Film Group is continuing to expand its team, content, and distribution partners, and will roll out its initial slate in 2022. 

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