New Horror Movie Releases – May 2023


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My Rating System:
10 – A perfect film in my eyes, one of my all-time favorites. (A+)
ex. La La Land, Hereditary, Before Sunrise

9 – One of the best movies of the decade, a masterpiece that I REALLY loved. (A)
ex. Phantom Thread, Black Swan, Nightcrawler, Call Me By Your Name

8 – One of the best movies of the year, something I could gush about in a review for 20 minutes straight. (A-)
ex. Invisible Man, Titane, Men

7 – A great movie, 1-2 major standout elements. (B+)
ex. Pig, Cloverfield, Raw, Vengeance

6 – A good, very watchable movie I’d recommend to most people. (B)
ex. Clown, Come True, Pontypool, The Vigil

5 – A mostly solid movie that I probably wouldn’t watch again, 1 flaw holding it back (C+)
ex. Bodies Bodies Bodies, Beach House, Antlers

4 – An fun/enjoyable movie with major flaws (C)
ex. Saw 6, Halloween KIlls, Green Inferno

3 – A bad movie with 1-2 redeeming qualities and some interesting ideas. (C-)
ex. Conjuring 3, Old, Spiral

2 – A terrible movie that is at least somewhat entertaining and unintentionally comedic. (D)
ex. Wish Upon, Rings, Vile

1 – One of the worst movies I have ever seen (F)
ex. Open House, Flatliners, Slenderman

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