New Horror Movies – February 2024 Upcoming Releases


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My Rating Scale (personal opinion, numbers aren’t objective but rather are used to show my personal taste/preferences):

10 – One of my favorite movies ever
(Scream, Hereditary, Before Sunset, The Fly)

9 – One of the best of the decade
(Black Swan, Nightcrawler, Prisoners, The Skin I Live In)

8 – One of the top 10 movies that year
(Infinity Pool, The VVitch, Martyrs, Malignant)

7 – Better than good, not quite incredible
(Troll Hunter, House of the Devil, The Invitation, Pig)

6 – A good movie that I recommend, not an insult
(Crawl, Smile, Bodies Bodies Bodies, Babadook)

5.5 – Flawed, but took a big swing
(Us, Multiverse, Happy Death Day)

5 – Fine, somewhat forgettable
(Antlers, Knock at the Cabin, The Monster, Wrong Turn)

4 – Mostly negative with some positives
(Halloween Kills, Ma, Spiral, Alien Covenant)

3 – Boring or Heavily Flawed
(Old, Prey for the Devil)

2 – One of the worst of the year
(Rings, The Boy)

1 – One of the worst I’ve ever seen
(Open House, The Nun)

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