New Queen Takes the Throne in Epic Historical Fantasy


A Time of Reckoning: Betrayals, Book One by Michelle Simpson

What’s it About?

In this historical fantasy full of action, adventure, romance and religion, a young woman is thrown into a position of leadership after an unexpected tragedy.

In Michelle Simpson‘s A Time of Reckoning: Betrayals, the first novel in her new series, we are introduced to protagonist Devin, the daughter of a great king of Ireland, as she is thrown into a position of leadership after an unexpected tragedy. Full of action, adventure, romance and religion, Simpson includes many elements in this work of historical fantasy that are sure to pique the interest of any reader.

Set in eighth-century Ireland, there is no one leader of the vast land called Ulaid and there is a constant battle for the land among the various chieftains and petty kings. Devin, daughter of great King Attus, has always been afforded the opportunity to follow her own path in the healing arts and study of her Celtic ancestors alongside her mentor, Oran. However, when tragedy strikes and Devin’s father leaves his land for her to rule, she must set aside her passion and step up as the Queen of Ravenlough.

Brave and Powerful Female Leader

In a time when women were not granted many freedoms or positions of power, Devin proves herself a valuable and respectable queen. Despite the tragedy she faced to obtain this role, “She was the queen of Ravenlough and somehow that knowledge finally felt like a reality she wanted to embrace. Now was a time of reckoning, her time.”

She becomes a queen beloved; however, she can sense that there is unrest due to her status as a female ruler. Oran warns her, “You have supporters, Devin, but trust me when I tell you many do not believe in you and will not support a woman.”

With the ever-present threat of Bram, a warring king aiming to reclaim the land of Ravenlough as his own, she must prove herself a commendable leader and warrior to all who follow her.

Tale Told from Multiple Perspectives

Though Devin is the protagonist, Simpson writes A Time of Reckoning: Betrayals in multiple perspectives, creating a dynamic and complex story. While we are experiencing Devin’s rise to power as readers, we are also allowed into the minds of her allies and enemies.

We experience Bram’s anger as he learns a queen will rule Ravenlough. We experience her sister Una’s jealousy and resentment growing toward her sister and her position as queen. We experience Oran’s disapproval as Devin chooses her love for warrior Tristan over her marital duties as queen. A Time of Reckoning: Betrayals is Devin’s story, yet Simpson cleverly allows her readers to experience the plot from varying points of view.

History and Religion Mixed with Fantasy

Simpson expertly mixes historical and religious aspects of eighth-century Ireland into her fictional tale. With the rise of Christianity taking place in fifth-century Ireland, we see the belief in the pagan gods slowly dying in A Time of Reckoning: Betrayals. Though Devin believes in multiple gods/goddesses and feels a great connection to the earth, she has been thrust into a position of leadership, becoming queen of a land where Christianity dominates.

“This is an entirely Christian land, Devin, and we need support,” Oran warns her. “Power and influence come from Catholic bishops and brehons that do not believe in the freedoms of our faith.”

And with the impending threat of Bram and his bloodthirsty nature, Devin will need to establish herself as a powerful leader, despite her differing religious beliefs. It is Devin’s time of reckoning and she must fight to avenge her family and protect the ones she loves in Michelle Simpson’s captivating historical fantasy, A Time of Reckoning: Betrayals.

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About Michelle Simpson:

Michelle lives in the Boston, MA area and enjoys anything and everything fitness related, cooking, and traveling. Favorite cities (so far) are London and Montreal. Also an avid animal lover and movie fan.

A Time of Reckoning: Betrayals, Book One by Michelle Simpson

Publish Date: 6/4/2022

Genre: Fantasy, Fiction, Historical Fiction

Author: Michelle Simpson

Page Count: 300 pages

ISBN: 9798201025465

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