Real-Life Horror in Pennsylvania: ‘Scream’ Costume-Clad Killer Strikes in Lehighton


In a horrifying echo of the chilling killers depicted in the ‘Scream’ movie series, a Pennsylvania community was rocked by a gruesome murder. The assailant, donning the franchise’s iconic mask and cloak, wielded a black Reapr fixed-blade knife. Zak Russel Moyer, 30, carried out a nightmarish attack on his neighbor, Edward Whitehead Jr., in the small Carbon County town of Lehighton. Moyer’s assault was particularly brutal, employing not only a knife but also a small chainsaw, ultimately resulting in Whitehead’s death.

Zak Russel Moyer

Armed with a small battery-powered chainsaw and a black Reapr fixed-blade knife, Moyer had initially gone to Whitehead’s house next-door ‘for the purpose of scaring him’. However, the situation escalated fatally when he inflicted a stab wound to Whitehead’s head. The incident prompted an immediate response from local law enforcement, aided by Pennsylvania State Police, following a distress call about an active assault in progress within the 200 block of Carbon Street.

Surveillance footage captured a male figure, later identified as Moyer, emerging from the rear of Whitehead’s home. The figure’s attire was notably consistent with the “Scream” movie character, adding a surreal layer to the already grim event. Whitehead was swiftly transported to St. Luke’s Hospital-Carbon Campus but was pronounced dead, having suffered multiple wounds including a significant head injury and cuts indicative of a desperate defense.

Location of attack

In the aftermath, police quickly zeroed in on Moyer, found in a residence nearby. His apprehension followed bizarre communications with the police, where he levied accusations against Whitehead. Previous statements to his sister revealed Moyer’s harbored intentions to kill Whitehead, shedding light on a premeditated malice.

As the community grapples with this real-life horror, authorities have secured the weapons and the “Scream” costume, underscoring the chilling premeditation of Moyer’s actions. He now faces homicide charges, with a preliminary hearing set to determine the progression of his trial.

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