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    Rob Zombie Once Filmed a Sequel to John Carpenter’s ‘Escape

    Earlier this week, Spirit Halloween’s Instagram shared the news that their famous monster, Buzzsaw would be one of the big baddies coming to life in the upcoming Spirit Halloween: The movie. Today, the Instagram account unveiled two more big bad classic animatronic monsters of theirs. This week both Mr. Dark and Nightcrawler were revealed.

    Mr. Dark’s official Spirit Halloween backstory goes like this:

    “Mr. Dark is waiting. He always is waiting. He’s tucked away in the shadowy corners of a room, patiently crouched in the midnight of a long alley or shrouded in parts of your mind you are afraid of when you fall asleep. Mr. Dark is there biding his time and growing bigger every minute, feeding on your fear, anxiety, wicked thoughts, and growing stronger each minute. Then before you know it, his evil darkness has enveloped you and your soul. Don’t blink because it’s already happening to you!

    Nightcrawler’s official backstory goes like this:

    “Tossed to the streets by deadbeat parents when just a teen, Nightcrawler learned how to live in the shadows, fend for itself and make friends with the denizens of the night. Years of crouching in the darkest corners of society permanently changed him into a crawling monster that only emerges at night when the sun doesn’t burn its pale skin, and Nightcrawlers’s beady eyes can find its feast for the night. Lock up your pets – and yourself!”

    I really love that Spirit Halloween’s classic monsters have their own backstories. It really helps with the lore of the entire place now that it is going to become a living, haunted store.

    The synopsis for Spirit Halloween: The Movie goes like this:

    “Rachael Leigh Cook plays Sue, a recently remarried widow whose teenage son Jake decides to camp out at the Spirit Halloween in an abandoned strip mall with his friends on Halloween night. Surprise, surprise: the kids “get more than they bargained for when an angry spirit [possesses] the animatronic characters inside.”

    We are eagerly awaiting the trailer premiering at Midsummer Scream on July 31. We are hoping that means the trailer will also show up online around the same time. Otherwise, all you folks making it out to Midsummer Scream are the luckiest folks around.

    Spirit Halloween: The Movie stars both Christopher Lloyd and Evan Leigh Cook along with Donavan Colan, Dylan Frankel, Jaiden Smith and Marissa Reyes.

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