Shockfest Returns For Its 15th Year of Terror


This Saturday, December 2, 2023, Shockfest Film Festival returns for its 15th year. The festival, whose mission is to create the most interactive and unique experience for filmmakers and audience members alike, is hosting a virtual event so viewers anywhere can participate in both the day-long event and watch the over 150 films in their viewing library.

Shockfest will host a series of incredible guests throughout the day-long event including Toby Jones, Lloyd Kaufman, Devanny Pinn, and Richard Elfman! These talks throughout the festival will highlight not only the panelists’ works, but also provide advice for upcoming horror filmmakers. Part of the festival’s goal is not only to entertain, but to help give filmmakers a direction to take their work once the festival is over. Topics include short filmmaking, financing projects, screenwriting, and more.

One of the highlights of the festival is the Q&A with Juliet Landau. During her Q&A, Landau will discuss the current SAG-AFTRA draft agreement and break down why it’s a bad deal that’s going to negatively impact how the industry works. She and festival director Jeffrey Macabre will share the stage to dive deep into why this matters and why the horror world should care.

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Check out the full Shockfest schedule below (all times are listen in EST):

11:30 am – 12:30 am – Virtual Red Carpet

12:40 am – A Moral Man Q+A w/ Dir. Simon Wade + Actor Toby Jones

 1:00 pm – Suicide for Beginners Q+A w/ Dir. Craig Thieman + Cast

1:20 pm – International Filmmaker’s Panel w/ Justin MacGregor (Dir. The Founder EffectRick Edwards (Actor The Founder Effect), Alex Osmolovsky (Dir. Make Love), Dominik Balkow (O)

1:40 pm – Wait For It: The Surprise Sequel To Behind The Mask, The Rise of Leslie Vernon w/ Dir. David J. Stieve + Actor Nathan Baesel

2:00 pm – Nath Milburn – Warner Bros. Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and A Bold Voyage!!

2:20 pm – Juliet Landau – Building an Audience For Independent Film

3:00 pm – Screenwriter’s Panel – How Do You Survive On Letters Alone? w/ Michael Bayouth, Bernadette Rivero, William Donahue 

3:20 pm – Short Film Panel – What Is The Value of Short Films In The First Place? w/ Alexander DeedsTanner BeardGabriel BeristainChris Gierowski

3:30 pm – Joe Lujan: Making films for Distribution Companies, the nitty-gritty of how this works financially for independent filmmakers

4:00 pm – Steve Balderson: Finding Investors for Independent Filmmakers and Entrepreneurs

4:30 pm – Joe Castro: Movie Distributors to Stay Away From and Why

5:00 pm – Andrew Rakich (Atun Shei Films): Harnessing TikTok, Youtube, and new media for the Independent Filmmaker

5:40 pm – The Black Mass Q+A W/ Dir. Devanny Pinn

6:00 pm – Lloyd Kaufman (TROMA Entertainment) An Angry Anti-Hollywood Tirade

6:30 pm – Guys at Parties Like It Q+A W/ Producer A.J. Mattioli

7:00 pm – Rock Inn Q+A 

7:20 pm – Split Second Q+A W/ Dir. Gregory + Nicole Van VoorhisMichael Leavy (Fuzz on the Lens) 

8:00 pm – Richard Elfman + Anastasia Elfman



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