Soska Sisters Add a Chapter to Romero’s Classic In ‘Festival of the Living Dead’


The Festival of the Living Dead could be called a sequel, or it could be considered an homage. Whatever the case, it’s a zombie movie tied to the Romero classic, Night of the Living Dead, which is now over 50 years old.

Festival of the Living Dead is out April 5th exclusively on Tubi!

The film is a sequel to Romero’s masterpiece original Night of the Living Dead – the story follows Ben’s grandchildren 55 years after the incident 🧟‍♀️

— The Soska Sisters (@twisted_twins) March 30, 2024

It comes from the collective minds of wonderful directors, the Soska Sisters (Jen and Sylvia), who specify it is, in fact, a sequel (see above), but we are guessing it is both, given how much they love the genre and the filmmakers who championed it (their lead character in this film is named Ash).

For instance, their 2019 remake of David Cronenberg’s Rabid is not only a tribute to the director, but also an expression of their own creativity. It got some good reviews which is like striking gold for independent filmmakers.

Within the last few years horror movie lovers are embracing the independent sector of the medium. Films such as Barbarian, Terrifier, and more recently Late Night With the Devil, have moved them away from the bigger budgeted films such as Night Swim and Imaginary.

Enter Tubi, the free-to-stream platform with a killer horror movie catalog. Some of its offerings are rare classics, but they have upped the game on their originals. Festival of the Living Dead will stream on the platform starting April 5.

In Soska’s story, “It has been over 50 years since the original zombie attack and the horrific event has become the subject of morbid nostalgia. Looking for fun, Ash and her friends attend the Festival of the Living Dead, but it is disrupted when a blast of radioactive space dust hits the festival and they must defend themselves or be devoured by the living dead.”

It is tied to the Romero original in that the kids are the grandchildren of Ben, the African-American man and tragic hero of Night of the Living Dead.

Festival of the Living Dead will drop on Tubi, April 5.

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