Stephen King Praises Netflix Horror Gem; Says “Watch it, but not alone”


Photo: Prashant Gupta / © FX / Courtesy: Everett Collection

We take the horror movie opinions of Stephen King very seriously around these parts. The man is the undisputed master of scary literature, after all, and he undoubtedly knows his stuff around all things that go bump in the night. So, when this horror hero finds something scary, I take note. Today I am highlighting a movie recommendation he made a while back to celebrate the film finding new audiences on Netflix.

That movie? The Autopsy of Jane Doe. Possibly one of the scariest possession movies of all time.

In the film, it’s just another night at the morgue for a father (Brian Cox of Succession fame) and son (Emile Hirsch) team of coroners, until an unidentified, highly unusual corpse comes in. Discovered buried in the basement of the home of a brutally murdered family, the young Jane Doe—eerily well-preserved and with no visible signs of trauma—is shrouded in mystery. As they work into the night to piece together the cause of her death, the two men begin to uncover the disturbing secrets of her life. Soon, a series of terrifying events make it clear: this Jane Doe may not be dead.

Check out what King had to say here:

THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE: Visceral horror to rival ALIEN and early Cronenberg. Watch it, but not alone.

— Stephen King (@StephenKing) January 11, 2017

The Autopsy of Jane Doe hails from Trollhunter director André Øvredal. It also stars Emile Hirsche, Brian Cox, and Ophelia Lovibond in a role you won’t soon forget. Die-hard horror fans are likely already well-aware of this cult classic, but the general public at large could use a better introduction to this quiet and terrifying little fright fest.

Check out the trailer for The Autopsy of Jane Doe right here to prepare for fear:

Have you already seen The Autopsy of Jane Doe? If so, what did you think? Is it as scary as we think it is? Let us know on Twitter via @DreadCentral. We’re always around to chat about all things Stephen King!


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