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    ‘Sucker For Love’ Developer Discusses Reclaiming Lovecraftian Lore [Video]

    AkaBaka also talks about his love of anime and how he designed his monstrous cuties.

    Sucker For Love

    Video game developer AkaBaka’s latest game Sucker For Love is all about getting smooches from eldritch cuties modeled after the monsters of H.P. Lovecraft’s stories. But, he was no stranger to Lovecraft’s racist past. As a Black developer, he wanted to confront that past while morphing it into something new. So, in making this new game, AkaBaka said he was mostly motivated by spite. And what better way to spite the bigoted writer than with his monsters transformed into hot monster girls.

    Players got a glimpse into this terrifyingly adorable world in the second Dread X collection. Now, in collaboration with Dread XP, the developer is bringing us so much more. He sat down with Dread Central to discuss the game, his inspiration, and how he integrates his love of anime into his work.

    Watch the full interview:

    In Sucker For Love, you play as an occultist obsessed with ancient rituals. You obtain a strange, bright-pink Necronomicon, but you’re able to perform only one ritual; the rest looks like total nonsense. After you recite the proper words, you summon Ln’eta, a cute Cthulhu-like girl. She agrees to a kiss, on the condition that you perform a few rituals from the book for her first. You can also woo Estir (inspired by Hastur from The King In Yellow) and Nyanlathotep (inspired by Nyarlathotep from Nyarlathotep).

    But this isn’t just about romancing Elder Gods. There are much more dire consequences weaved into Sucker For Love.

    Sucker for Love: First Date hits Steam on January 13, 2022. But, to help satiate your appetite in the meantime, Sucker for Love: Prelude, the game’s first chapter, is now available for free on Steam.

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