The #1 Series on Netflix is a Shocking Documentary About This Surgeon


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This new Netflix number #1 docuseries is really getting under viewers’ skin this week. This 3-part limited series is turning an eye on a monster that hid in the medical field for years, and cost so many patients their lives. Bad Surgeon: Love Under the Knife tells the unbelievable story that has rocked the internet. Here is everything we know about the documentary detailing the crimes committed by disgraced surgeon Paolo Macchiarini.

The Official Synopsis

“This extraordinary three-part docuseries tells the story of super surgeon Paolo Macchiarini. A global thriller where science, crime, love, and ethics collide. Paolo was globally lauded for creating the world’s first plastic organs. Now accused of being a fraud and a fantasist. Featuring the courageous families of his victims, his former fiancée and colleagues turned whistleblowers – including exclusive access to some – and never before heard revelations, this series follows the unrelenting fight to bring Macchiarini to justice.”

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See what Twitter is saying

just finished the documentary bad surgeon love under the knife…what in the actual fuck…..crazy af

— ❦ 𝕺𝖕𝖍𝖊𝖑𝖎𝖆 ✿ 𝕷𝖔𝖙𝖚𝖘 ❦ (@ophelialotus) November 30, 2023

‘Bad Surgeon: Love Under the Knife’ is a stark reminder for the medical community, emphasizing the importance of raising concerns and asking questions when things seem off. It’s not about the allure of confidence or god complex, but rather transparency and unwavering devotion.

— Mohamed Elfil, MD (@MohamedElfilMD) December 1, 2023

Just finished Bad Surgeon: Love Under the Knife on Netflix and I’m gobsmacked… you’re telling me he literally murdered several people with zero consequences? Like sorry what?

— Ash 🌷🌻 (@ashshouse_) December 4, 2023

ok, this Bad Surgeon: Love Under the Knife docu-series, is insane .

— ♥︎ (@ambeefin) November 30, 2023

This documentary is absolutely wild. All these experts just let this surgeon do insane things to patients and nobody noticed the science wasn’t sciencing? Nobody noticed he couldn’t back anything up with evidence? This is why I don’t trust doctors.

— Tater Tots McGee (@tatertotsmcgee) November 30, 2023

The Netflix documentary; Bad Surgeon – Love Under the knife, is reflective of some of the bad things that happen in medicine that go unsaid.
Dr. Paolo Macchiarini was so daring!🙌

— Elton George Wandira. (@EltonWandira) December 5, 2023

Is anyone watching this documentary titled Bad Surgeon:Love Under the Knife on Netflix? Why is this man trying to have this lady talk after invasive surgery on her throat? #BadSurgeonNetflix

— Angela L. (@AngelaSL813) December 1, 2023

Bad surgeon: Love under the knife is so crazy. Many patients died because of a surgeon who was putting plastic trachea in people. The hospital and doctors simply believed him and didn’t check his background until after two people died.

They all fell for a scam. Ahhh

— B (@BukkyAjayi_) November 29, 2023

This documentary….. I was hooked! This guy is an actual sociopathic monster and should never be allowed to operate again. This is nuts!!!! Manipulation, lies, cheating, medical malpractice…Just watch it! “Bad Surgeon: Love Under the Knife” on Netflix

— Certified Sneaker Girl🇸🇳 (@NestaWane) December 5, 2023

“Bad surgeon: love under the knife” is a wild documentary! I highly recommend it! I was shocked throughout and couldn’t believe how a lot of people had faith in this doctor and let him get away for years

— Ladan (@rayofladan) December 1, 2023

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Bad Surgeon: Love Under the Knife is directed by Ben Steele (Hunted: The War Against Gays in Russia). Netflix dropped the documentary on November 29th. Viewers have been appalled by the terrifying story ever since, with many astounding that something like this could happen. 

The docuseries not only details how Paolo Macchiarini got away with this deadly scam for so long. It also allows the victims’ families to share their stories.  

Have you watched this alarming Netflix documentary? Is Bad Surgeon: Love Under the Knife as rage-inducing as it seems from the outside looking in? Then you should tell me about it at @misssharai.


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