The Best Horror Flicks to Binge This Thanksgiving


Halloween week is upon us! Dive into our freshly curated list of spine-chilling movies perfect for your Halloween binge-watching. Don’t forget to grab some treats for the little ones and cozy up to celebrate the most spooktacular holiday of the year!

Hell House LLC Origins: The Carmichael Manor-October 30th-Shudder

Hell House LLC Origins Poster

This indie franchise struck fire in 2005 when Hell House LLC was first released. This film worked its way through the underbelly of forgotten horror films before finally reaching its status as a cult classic. Unfrequently the two following sequels did not resonate with fans of the franchise.

Hell House LLC Origins will attempt to break away from the failings of its predecessors by being a spin off film instead of a sequel/prequel. If you’re a fan of the franchise and want to see if this approach will work, stream Hell House Origins on October 30th via Shudder.

The Elderly-October 31st-VOD

The Elderly Poster

This Spanish horror film has been making a big splash during its time on the indie circuit. The Elderly is being panned as the best Spanish horror film since REC. If so, that would make it one of the best horror films in the past few decades.

This film looks to be a mind bending horror that will be filled with twists and turns. Not to mention a good amount of gore. If you want to see what all the hype is about, stream The Elderly on October 31st via VOD.

A Haunting in Venice-October 31st-PVOD

A Haunting in Venice Poster

There has much a lot of debate regarding whether this is technically a horror film or not. Regardless of what side of that fence you sit on, it cannot be denied that people absolutely loved this film during its in theaters.

A Haunting in Venice transports viewers back to the height of the spiritualism movements and gives us a level of polish and professionalism that is to die for. If you are curious about this horror/detective flick, stream A Haunting in Venice on October 31st via PVOD.

Bloodthirst-October 31st-VOD

Bloodthirst Movie Poster

This film had everything a fan of low budget horror films could ask for. We get daytime vampires, desert dwelling vampire hunters, and Tara Reid (Sharknado). All of which are tied up into some sort of eternal vampire war.

I honestly don’t know a better way to spend a Friday night than watching Tara Reid lay siege to some mortals as a vampire queen. If you feel the same way, make sure to stream Bloodthirst on October 31st via VOD.

Squealer-November 3rd-VOD

Squealer Poster

This film is based on the real life serial killer Robert Pickton. Pickton is a serial killer out of Canada who was found guilty of killing 6 with reports of him killing up to 49. This film explores the deeply unsettling aspects of his crimes.

There has been some backlash to this film as it explores the real life tragedy that happened between 1980 and 2002. If that isn’t something that bothers you, go stream Squealer on November 3rd via VOD.

Black Noise-November 3rd-VOD

Black Noise Poster

This film gives us something we have seen tried time and time again but adds in a new twist that may just work. We’ve all seen the flick about mercenaries going to an island only to be confronted with some big bad.

Only this time the big bad is physiological instead of some super monster. Black Noise offers us a look at how these mercenaries might fight against something they can understand. Black Noise is streaming on November 3rd via VOD.

Deep Fear-November 3rd-VOD

Deep Fear Poster

Shark Week may be long over by now, but Deep Fear is here to make sure that we all stay terrified of sharks. Not only do we get to see a good blend of suspense and claustrophobia but there’s also a good chance that there will be a shark high on cocaine.

Some people may say that the recent trend of animals being exposed to large amounts of cocaine has gone too far. I say, keep it coming. I want to see giant spiders on cocaine attacking New York City. If you feel the same way, go stream Deep Fear on November 3rd via VOD.

Courtney Gets Possessed-November 3rd-VOD

Courtney Gets Possessed Poster

In a unique twist, this film features a possession by the devil at a wedding. With all of the possession films that are currently flooding the market, you have to give them points for creativity.

This isn’t film doesn’t look like it’s going to break any new barriers in the industry. But it will still be a fun way to spend an evening. Courtney Gets Possessed will be streaming on November 3rd via VOD.

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