The Boondock Saints: A New Chapter Begins with Reedus and Flanery On Board


The vigilante saga “The Boondock Saints” is gearing up for a comeback. Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flanery are set to reprise their iconic roles as the MacManus brothers in an upcoming film that aims to breathe new life into the franchise.

Initially reported by Deadline, the announcement that Reedus and Flanery will return as Murphy and Connor MacManus has sparked considerable excitement among the franchise’s fanbase. While discussions of a third film have circulated since a 2021 report, the latest updates reveal significant changes behind the scenes. Notably, Troy Duffy, the original director and creative force behind the first two films, will step back from directing duties to focus on expanding the Saints’ universe through a novel series.

The Boondock Saints

Thunder Road Pictures, the powerhouse behind the “John Wick” series and the recent “Monkey Man”, is attached to the project alongside Dragonfly Films, the current rights holder to “The Boondock Saints”. The collaboration aims to reimagine the franchise, inviting both long-time admirers and new fans to explore the action-packed world of the MacManus brothers.

In light of Duffy’s departure from the director’s chair, the search for a visionary capable of steering the next chapter is underway. Meanwhile, the original team, including Reedus and Flanery, expresses unbridled enthusiasm for the project’s direction.

Norman Reedus shared his excitement about the collaboration and the future of the franchise: “I’m thrilled to be working alongside Basil Iwanyk’s Thunder Road Films and Todd Myers’ Dragonfly Films to bring more of the story of the Boondock Saints to audiences. I can’t wait for everyone to see what we have long been working toward.”

The Boondock Saints Movie Poster

Addressing Duffy’s new creative endeavor, Reedus added, “We are pressing on without our longtime friend and Captain, Troy Duffy on this one. He has decided to write a Boondock Saints book series and I can’t wait to read it.”

Sean Patrick Flanery echoed Reedus’s sentiments, emphasizing the promise of the new film: “Basil and Todd are the perfect partners to bust the brothers out of prison. With Basil and Todd at the helm, this will be the best Saints yet.”

Basil Iwanyk of Thunder Road Films articulated the significance of the project: “When we were given the opportunity to help bring the MacManus brothers back to the screen, we jumped at the chance. The unique possibility of building on the iconic mythology and characters for all the long-time fans of the series, as well as opening it up to a whole new generation, is one that we couldn’t be more excited about.”

Todd Myers of Dragonfly Films shared his long-standing desire to contribute to the saga: “From the moment I saw the first film, it has been my dream to be able to add to the amazing story of the Boondock Saints. I’ve been in discussions with Sean Patrick Flanery and Norman Reedus for over ten years to bring this dream to a reality.”

That’s all the information we have at this time. We’ll keep you updated as news releases.

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