This Film Has a Creature That “Kicks A**” and It’s Charting on Hulu


A new horror feature called The Tank is dominating the Hulu charts and subscribers are going nuts for the film’s practical monster. One user took to Twitter to say, “They weren’t kidding. The creature design in this movie kicks ass!”

The film is written and directed by Scott Walker and it stars Luciane Buchanan, Matt Whelan, Zara Nausbaum, Regina Hegemann, and Jack Barry.

Although the general public seems to be having fun with the film, critics have been less taken by The Tank. The picture sits at an approval rating of jut 33% ‘fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, with 18 critics having weighed in to date.

As of October 19, the flick has managed to claim the number six slot on the Hulu charts, though, and that’s a pretty impressive feat. Especially considering the picture made less than $100,000 at the global box office during a brief theatrical bow.

So far for #Huluween, #TheTank is my favorite. My family owned property in the Toutle River area as a kid and the cabin on it was antique. I can totally see some creepiness having gone down in it on one of our summer visits. It had the dusty, old, vintage furniture still in it.

— GioLovesYou (@GioLovesYou) October 16, 2023

Plot synopsis per IMDb:

Ben and his wife Jules are in for a surprise when they inherit an abandoned coastal property that Ben’s recently deceased mother never told them about. Untouched for 40 years the house looms like an eerie relic over land which includes a stunning private cove and beach. The beauty and tranquility of the place leave the family with the nagging question: why was this property kept a secret for so long? While Jules rummages through the house looking for answers, Ben goes to repair the buried water tank, not knowing that in doing so he is unleashing a long-dormant creature, fiercely protective of its environment.

I haven’t yet had the occasion to check this horror thriller out but would love to hear your take if you’ve seen it. You can always hit me up with your reactions on TwitterThreads, or Instagram.



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