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    Transform Trauma, Anger & Guilt Into Opportunities for Empowerment

    Elevating Your Origins to Love by Susan Drury

    What’s it About?

    This book offers a variety of ways to understand our basic human blueprint and neuro-biological wiring, and how your original environment deeply affects the beliefs you come to have about so many aspects of yourself, others, and life.

    Knowing others is intelligence,
    Knowing yourself is true wisdom.

    How many times do we feel like something triggers us? When some feeling or trauma from our childhood that still lingers within us bubbles to the surface and makes us feel like that child we once were. We can then react “bigger” than the present situation warrants. We continue to be impacted by things from our past long into adulthood. But what do we do about it?

    In Elevating Your Origins to Love (Hybrid Global Publishing) by Susan Drury, the reader is taken on a journey of transformation and healing, as you are encouraged to use the challenges of life as opportunities to change, find your power and work your way toward love. Part memoir, part spiritual journey and part roadmap complete with guided meditation exercises, this book serves as an invaluable tool to healing.

    New Patterns, New Self

    Get ready to delve into your inner self and find out who you really are. So many of us are stuck in the past and don’t know how to break out of the patterns that we continue to repeat again and again. As the author states at the beginning of the book, “If you feel there are negative things … that surface in your life from time to time, this book can help you gain not only insight into yourself and your familial past, but also to finally shift old, now-useless but still influential patterns.”

    The book can help you come to a place of loving yourself through any feelings of trauma, disappointment, guilt, anger or regret you may be carrying around with you from your early years. Throughout the book, Drury shares about her own childhood and relationship with her parents. I really related to these sections and I suggest having tissues close at hand when reading her final piece about her mother.

    This book contains really great information about our neurophysiology, childhood brain states, our emergence into the world as children, how we figure out how to live in the world, and how we can make changes to old patterns and create a new story for our life.

    Road Toward Love & Joy

    There was one particularly meaningful moment that happened to me when reading the book which I would like to share. In one section called “Feeling Into the Human Experience,” the author talks about finding ways of feeling joy. “Somewhere underneath, despite our movements, exposures and experiences, despite the people, situations, and crises, we still have access to joy, excitement, anticipation, and buoyancy. We may have lost awareness of them … and yet they remain.” She then walks the reader through a process of giving yourself a chance to experience, even for just a moment, the feeling of joy.

    Just after reading this section of the book, I walked into another room and noticed an orchid plant I have had for many years. This plant has been flowerless and looking dead for a very long time. I have considered throwing it out, but it still has green leaves so I let it just sit there looking like it’s on death’s door. With this new awareness of looking for moments of joy, I suddenly noticed that there are now TWO new green buds just ready to burst out new floral life. I was so elated and experienced such a feeling of pure joy! Now I find myself looking for these moments everywhere!

    I guess I’m starting on the road to my own transformation toward love. One step at a time. As Susan Drury says, “we are always works in progress; it’s never too late to make changes in our wiring” and to make changes in the stories of our lives.


    About Susan Drury:

    Susan Drury has spent the past thirty-plus years consciously discovering that nothing is beyond healing; life is continually offering multiple possibilities for transformation. With a background in cranial sacral therapy, shamanic healing, and professional certification in homeopathy, the Present Child Method, and Transference Healing, all supported through a deep meditation practice and study of the Tao te Ching, Susan serves as a transformational teacher, healer and writer. She lives in Vancouver, BC with her husband of thirty-six years, close to her three grown daughters and two grandchildren.

    Elevating Your Origins to Love by Susan Drury

    Publish Date: 1/24/2023

    Genre: Better Self, Nonfiction, Self Help

    Author: Susan Drury

    Page Count: 274 pages

    Publisher: Hybrid Global Publishing

    ISBN: 9781957013336

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