Viewers Are Calling Netflix’s Latest True Crime Docu-series “Heartbreaking”


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Netflix just released the three-part true crime documentary Killer Sally, and Twitter is losing it over this heartbreaking story.

What most viewers expected to be a sordid tale of infidelity and bodybuilding culminating in a Valentine’s Day murder has quickly turned into a look at the justice system and domestic abuse. The series has left Twitter siding with the subject of the doc.

The official Netflix synopsis reads: 

Killer Sally is the story of bodybuilding’s most notorious crime. On Valentine’s Day 1995, national bodybuilding champion, Ray McNeil, was choking his bodybuilder wife, Sally, when she grabbed a gun and fatally shot him twice. With a documented history of domestic abuse, Sally claimed it was self-defence, a split-second decision to save her life. The prosecution argued it was premeditated murder, the revenge of a jealous and aggressive wife. They called her a “thug,” a “bully,” and a “monster”. The media referred to her as the “brawny bride” and the “pumped-up princess”. Sally says she spent her life doing whatever it took to survive, caught in a cycle of violence that began in childhood and ended with Ray’s death. This complex true crime story examines domestic violence, gender roles, and the world of bodybuilding. 

Killer Sally hit the streamer on November 2nd, and Twitter has been obsessed ever since. Various people are taking issue with the way the justice system failed Sally, how abused women are punished for self-defense, and most are even upset on behalf of the children who had to watch their mom sit in prison. Here’s what Twitter is saying about the docu-series so far:

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See what Twitter has to say about the new true-crime series:

Killer Sally is directed by award-winning filmmaker, Nanette Burstein (On The RopesHillary) and is produced by Traci Carlson, Robert Yapkowitz, and Richard Peete of Neighborhood Watch (Karen Dalton: In My Own Time and Blue Ruin).” Get a sneak peek at this docu-series that has Twitter talking below.

Let me know if you’ve started watching Killer Sally at @misssharai.

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