Watch the ‘Humane’ Trailer: Where ‘20% of the Population Must Volunteer to Die’


A new trailer has recently dropped for the highly anticipated slasher film, “In A Violent Nature”, promising a thrilling twist on the classic genre. Penned and directed by Chris Nash, the movie made its debut earlier this year at the Sundance Film Festival, garnering attention and acclaim for its innovative approach to horror storytelling. Watch the new trailer for “In A Violent Nature” below:

Official trailer for “In A Violent Nature”

The film centers around the enigmatic resurrection, rampage, and retribution of an undead monster named Johnny, set against the backdrop of a remote wilderness. Described by Variety as featuring “a masked killer named Johnny traipsing through the woods, camping teens, a local who escaped death years ago, [and] buckets of gore,” it promises to deliver the quintessential slasher experience with a fresh perspective.

Nash’s vision for “In A Violent Nature” goes beyond the conventional tropes of the genre. Instead of focusing solely on the victims, the narrative is primarily tethered to the perspective of the killer, providing audiences with a unique glimpse into Johnny’s reign of terror. This approach, as highlighted by Variety, allows Nash to play freely with the storytelling, offering a refreshing take on familiar themes.

“In A Violent Nature”

Shudder, the popular streaming service known for its curated selection of horror content, is set to host “In A Violent Nature” following its theatrical run. Samuel Zimmerman of Shudder praised Nash’s clarity of vision, noting that the film blends classical slasher elements with revolutionary cinematography reminiscent of Gerald Kargl’s “Angst”. According to Zimmerman, Nash’s goal was to create an artful slasher that evolves the genre’s language while retaining its core hallmarks.

Scott Shooman, head of AMC Networks film group, emphasized the immersive experience of watching “In A Violent Nature” in theaters. He described it as a different experience, citing the film’s exceptional slasher kills and the communal thrill of sharing the cinematic journey with fellow horror enthusiasts.

Starring Ry Barrett, Andrea Pavlovic, and a talented ensemble cast, “In A Violent Nature” promises to be a standout addition to the slasher genre. With its May theatrical release date fast approaching, fans of horror cinema are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to immerse themselves in Nash’s chilling world.

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