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    Werewolf Sound Effects Alone In The Forest With A Werewolf Scary Halloween Sounds.

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    Only a few have been to the dark forest and even less have returned at night you can hear howl when it is a full moon

    The elders of the village say that there is werewolf are in the dark forest and they hunt at night so stay away or you will end as there prey.

    You are alone in the forest at night with a werewolf at night and it is raining and you can hear a howl in the distant and growls much closer.

    More Scary Halloween sound this month this time it is the Werewolf ambiance i hope you will enjoy this and at the end, i will add some bonus videos.

    More scary Halloween sounds in this playlist take a look here.

    Scary werewolf sounds for halloween used.

    Walking in Long Grass.wav
    Foley » walking in the grass.wav

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