Woman Finds Terrifying Children’s Chamber “Hidden” In Her Basement


TikTok user @bigbrah1 took to the social media platform recently to share a strange discovery. She happened upon what looks an awful lot like a hidden torture chamber attached to the bathroom of her home’s basement.

The woman was completely oblivious to the existence of the room prior to the jarring discovery. Accessing the secret area required her to stand on a toilet and crawl through a cupboard. Once she had gained access to the hidden area, she noticed children’s handprints (and footprints) adorning the walls and a collection of letters that spell out the words ‘Love Shack’. Additionally, the names Rebecca, Kelly, and Sarah are visible on the walls. The TikTok user also mentioned that the secret room can be locked from the inside.

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Some commenters thought the room was nothing more than a fun hideout for kids. While others weighing in shared my assessment that the space gives off serious torture chamber vibes.

Although I can concede that it’s possible a previous occupant designated the space as a children’s play area, branding the hidden room a ‘Love Shack’ is a peculiar choice at best.

As one commenter pointed out: “It was either a fun little hide out, or the creepiest thing ever.”

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The video has racked up millions of views since it was first posted in late October of this year. In a subsequent video, @bigbrah1 revealed that the ‘Love Shack’ has been given a fresh coat of paint and repurposed as a storage unit.

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