Woman Found Naked After Allegedly Cutting Mother’s Heart Out


Image: Leon County Sheriff’s Office)

Earlier this month, Tallahassee police responded to complaints of a naked woman trying to gain access to a delivery vehicle. When officers arrived on the scene, they were met with a grisly, horrifying display.

Earleen Tucker, 58, stands accused of the March 6th murder of her mother, Lucille Tucker. People Magazine has reviewed an arrest affidavit and reports that when officers led Earlean back to her home and tried to find clothes for her to put on, they discovered Lucille’s remains in a bedroom “with trauma to her chest”.

Law enforcement discovered a human organ on the floor of the residence that was later identified as “the majority of a heart”.

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Case documents reviewed by Court TV reveal that, while in custody, Earlean readily admitted to killing her mother. The arrest affidavit reports that she said, “I murdered my mom in that house. She was mean to me but I didn’t care.”

The court documents go on to say: “She made a statement referencing cutting out her mother’s heart to inspect it. Earleen has continuously talked to herself almost non-stop for hours (in the interview room)”.

Court records reveal that Earlean has entered a plea of ‘not guilty’. It is not yet known if she has obtained legal representation.

Family members told police that Earlean had been hospitalized in 2009 for mental health concerns. The family member also revealed they believe Earlean has schizophrenia but are unaware if a formal diagnosis has been made.

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