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    Written in Three Months During COVID, a Teen’s Tale of

    The Art of Time by Quinn Jamison

    What did you do during the days of lockdown? Did you follow the trend of baking bread or doing puzzles? Were your days occupied with remote school, remote work or doomscrolling on social media?

    Well, if you’re like Quinn Jamison, you spent your days crafting a novel! Written in only a few months, The Art of Time is a whirlwind adventure of heartbreaking romance that provided an escape for the author as much as it will for readers. We got a chance to talk with Jamison about her inspirations for her story, the power of a good female protagonist and what she hopes readers will take away from this sweeping story of art, romance and time travel.

    Q: Congratulations on your first novel! You’ve said that The Art of Time was written when you were sixteen, over the course of three months during the Covid-19 pandemic. What was that writing experience like?

    A: Thank you! Yes, this is my debut novel written when there was nowhere for me to go without having to wear a mask. I was at the age I wanted to be out doing things on my own since I would learn to drive but everything was limited. I was already home as well in cyber school which gave me more freedom and time. So, everyday after school, I wrote one chapter. My family would read it, telling me how great it was. That was part of why I finished the rough draft quickly. My supportive family and friends gave me motivation to keep going. Besides, using my imagination allows me to dive deep into my mind. I found myself and my purpose. 

    Q: What inspired this story of art, romance and time travel?

    A: True inspiration for The Art of Time sparked after years of ostracization. I was being bullied by certain peers and adults at a dance studio and in public schools. I left the studio in January of 2019 before everything shut down for the pandemic. The idea came to me a couple months prior to turning sixteen. For a while, I thought nothing of it but it stuck. Eventually, my mom read the first chapter and wanted more. Writing helps me heal internal wounds. Creating The Art of Time was cathartic after being held back, put down, yelled at for no reason, left out and whispered about when people assumed I wasn’t listening. 

    Q: What was the research process like for the historical part of The Art of Time? Is there a reason you chose to set the book in that era?

    A: The research is fun! I love learning about history. It turned out there was a lot more of it to be done than I originally thought, especially the historical parts. Luckily, I enjoyed every minute. The 19th century was the desired period since the 1600s to 1800s are most alluring to me. So, the main female character who time travels back in time is besotted with a painting created during the Romanticism and Realism movements. Time travel is one of my favorite concepts considering it coincides with historical periods. In my opinion, the style of old times and vintage paintings are incredibly compelling.

    Q: What advice would you give to writers, especially young writers, looking to get their stories out in the world?

    A: I say never lose hope or give up, always keep writing, and try to have thick skin. The publishing world is difficult and strict but all worth it in the end. You can get exactly what you want in life, just be willing to believe in yourself. Even when things seem impossible, there’s going to be a way to get to where you want to go. Just do your research and breathe!

    Q: What do you hope readers take away from your novel?

    A: Ever since I was fifteen I’ve wanted to empower women. So, I want my readers to look up to the strong main female character, Lavinia, and know we as people can get through anything. I know I wanted to be Lavinia when I created her. Funnily enough, she was a few years older than I was when I started writing The Art of Time. A lot of her personality is inspired by myself. As I got a little older, I realized she’s me now. I really hope my readers can learn from her, and I want them to appreciate the man who treats her like royalty. 

    Q: Can you tell us a little bit about your next project? Is it a continuation of The Art of Time, or a completely new endeavor?

    A: I have two leading projects in the middle of creation. One is a continuation of The Art of Time, the other a new historical romance novel! However, I won’t give anything away about either manuscript. I don’t want to be a spoiler, and my ideas are not completely set in stone for my newest project.

    The Art of Time by Quinn Jamison

    Publish Date: October 26, 2022

    Author: Quinn Jamison

    Page Count: 440 pages

    Publisher: Atmosphere Press

    ISBN: 9781639885602

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