Idols Learn Cooking Ahead of Restaurant Opening


The Thai reality show Fully Booked released episode 2 on Monday, March 25, 2024, at 6 p.m. ICT on GMMTV’s official YouTube channel. It takes viewers on an exciting adventure as six idols from the production house—Earth, Gun, Pond, Force, Book, and Dunk—open a Thai restaurant in Osaka, Japan. 

Episode 2 begins with Chef Tukta teaching Earth and Book, the main course team, how to make Chicken Rice and Kapro Moo Sap (stir-fried basil with minced pork and fried egg). Book shares that he has cooked with his family before, but Chef Tukta’s instructions in a professional kitchen are not child’s play. From ingredients to technique, the chef walks them through the recipe step by step.

Book is confident they can make the dishes. However, Earth says the challenging part is perfecting the chicken and the sauce. Meanwhile, Pond misses the first half of the session due to his schedule, but he joins during the second half.

Fully Booked episode 2 recap: Idols get ready to head to Japan

Moving on to the appetizer and dessert team, Chef Tukta teaches them how to make Bualoy (sweet potato pearls in coconut cream). While Force, Gun, and Dunk wish to learn, they find it difficult to keep up with the chef’s instructions for the dessert. Not only that, Force shares that people who work on the dough must be strong as his arms were already sore. Nonetheless, Dunk continues to take notes of all the steps of the recipe.

Chef Tukta then tells both teams to cook the dishes by themselves. The idols put their best cooking skills forward to perfect the dishes that the chef taught them. Earth and Book’s Chicken Rice passes with flying colors. However, the two are told to work on their Kapro Moo Sap as it tastes ordinary. On the other hand, the dessert team’s Bualoy gets a 7 out of 10 from Tukta as the sesame was slightly burnt.

Furthermore, Pond joins his castmates to learn the following two dishes – Tom Yum Goong and Pad Thai Goong Sod. The episode ends with the six idols feeling confident and getting ready to head to the restaurant in Japan.

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